And The Winner Of The ’30-YOC World Series Contest’ Is…

And The Winner Of The ’30-YOC World Series Contest’ Is…


We had 21 players in my ‘World Series Contest’.  Of them, 13 chose the Red Sox as the eventual champions.  And of those 13 players, 8 of them thought that the series would go 6 games!!!  And from there, with a total of 41 runs scored in the series, it was Ron’s selection of 34 total runs scored that seals the win.

Congratulations Ron, you are the winner of this 2012 Topps Series 2 hangar box:

Topps Series 2 Hangar

I’ve sent you an email requesting your mailing address so I can ship out your prize.

Here is a look at the final standings:

Player Winner Games Runs
gerad Cardinals 6 30
**30-YOC Cardinals 6 31
matt d Cardinals 6 32
Adam Cardinals 6 34
tim g Cardinals 6 36
nightowl Cardinals 6 38
mgrlvr Cardinals 6 40
diamond king Cardinals 7 46
jared w Red Sox 4 21
brian c Red Sox 5 24
stealing home Red Sox 5 40
unclemoe Red Sox 6 26
ron c Red Sox 6 34
matt g Red Sox 6 42
henry Red Sox 6 42
tom s Red Sox 6 45
bamattyp Red Sox 6 47
play at the plate Red Sox 6 54
jeff Red Sox 6 55
soccerarchives Red Sox 7 39
charley8 Red Sox 7 42

Congratulations again.  And thanks to everyone that played!!!

And don’t worry, just because the baseball season is over, I will still be hosting a good amount of contests and giveaways during the offseason.  Stay tuned, and thanks for reading and playing!!!

And congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals for putting on a thrilling series.

11 responses to “And The Winner Of The ’30-YOC World Series Contest’ Is…

  1. Thank you so very much Brian!!!

  2. There was no email from you regarding my address so i sent it to ya on facebook

  3. Congrats Ron. Brian you are a very good person. I am not bitter but I want to point out that if it had not been for some really bad throwing errors, the Sox would have taken it in 4.

  4. If I were Matt G, I’d be BS right now. The dude almost nailed it…just one run off!

    Congrats to Ron on the win, but he is a winner like the contestant on The Price Is Right who guesses $1 is a winner…Matt G got HOSED!

    • BAmattyP- You serious? I’ve been running contests for 5+ years and have never had an issue. On top of that, I go further than most with clarifying my rules and nobody has ever complained.

      The only one that got ‘hosed’ by this contest was Michael Wacha.

  5. I get the rules, and I’m not saying the result is wrong, my point is that Matt G was THAT close to being perfect. It’s a tough beat, that’s all.

    Also, now that the Series is over, can we all admit that besides one stud ace (who got lit up), and one hot rookie (who eventually got lit up), the Cards were a severely average team? Offesively, they had nothing going on.

  6. Congratulations Ron! I was close. Six games and 41 runs. I just got the winning team wrong!!! Thanks Brian for a nice contest.


  7. I’m a Cubs fan, but I’ll defend the Cardinals. They hit over.300 collectively as a team during the regular season with runners in scoring position. That’s including pitcher at bats. That’s impressive and hardly from average. I had the Sox winning, but cards deserved to be right there with them. Sox were just the right mix of players to win it.

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