Carlton Fisk 1981 Donruss – PASS!

Carlton Fisk 1981 Donruss

I’ll give Donruss a pass on this card since it is from their debut set and we really don’t know how much time they had to truly put it all together.

But, in general, cards like this just do nothing for me.  I am not a big fan of posed portraits on my baseball cards.  And I especially don’t care for them when there are probably hoards of images available with great action of the same player.  If it is a rookie card, I will take it as the available images may be limited.  And if it is a card showing off a new player in a new uniform, I am OK with that too.

Just not here…



Like I said earlier, I will give Donruss a pass on this one since it was from their inaugural 1981 set.

But, the card still gets a ‘Pass’ from me…

3 responses to “Carlton Fisk 1981 Donruss – PASS!

  1. At least it’s a nice smile from Pudge!..somewhat of a rarity.

  2. The card companies used to get all their photos from spring training and with the camera equipment they had then, they had to get the shot, mail/UPS/Federal Express the negatives to the card companies for review.
    Then when a negative was used, it was purchased and sent to a plate maker. So timing was probably the biggest issue because of the monopoly court ruling.

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