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Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – White Paper Frame

Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – White Paper Frame

You didn’t really think that just because October has come and gone that my paying tribute to Reggie Jackson would cease, did you??

If you did, you do not know me at all.

And if you did not, you’re 100% on target!!

I really enjoy collecting cards of Mr. October and I have already amassed a solid stack of cards of Reggie to show off in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Here is Reggie’s ‘White Frame’ card from the 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen set.

Have a look:


I LOVE IT!!!  The White border really allows for the Silver accents of the GQ design to shine while also giving the bright Yellow and Green of his Athletics uniform.

And yes, if Reggie was pictured in a Yankees uniform for this card it would be pretty nice as well.

A great addition to my Reggie Jackson player collection!!

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades – ‘Decade Datelines’

Hank Aaron 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades – ‘Decade Datelines’

You may expect that I have a lot of cards from this set – and you’re right!!  After all, it features players that starred from my favorite baseball era.

I like the look of the cards.  I like the fonts and colors used throughout the set.

And, of course, I love when the players I cherish most are celebrated on cardboard.

This is the Hank Aaron card from the 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades ‘Decade Datelines’ set:



I like everything about it, especially that uniform that Mr. Aaron is wearing.  But, the image is just too zoomed in and blurry.  And while I could probably deal with the closely-cropped shot, it is the out-of-focus, and fuzzy, look of the picture that really fails.

Sadly, I have finally encountered a card from this set that I do not like.  Too bad is of one of my favorite baseball heroes…

Vince Coleman 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’

Vince Coleman 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’

Topps did it right with this card!!

This is the 1986 Topps ‘Record Breaker’ card of Vince Coleman that celebrates Coleman’s dominant base-stealing performance of 1985.

Have a look:



In his debut campaign in 1985, Coleman set a major league record for rookies by stealing 110 bases.

Not only did Topps do a solid job by making this a ‘Record Breaker’ worthy accomplishment, but they used a great shot of Coleman in action.

Thank you, Topps!

Happy Birthday Dwight Evans!!!

Happy Birthday Dwight Evans!!!

Dwight Evans turns 62 years old today.

Evans wore the Boston Red Sox uniform for 20 years!  And in that time, he became known as one of the sport’s greatest defensive outfielders of all-time.  The winner of 8 Gold Glove awards, ‘Dewey’ was a fan favorite due to his desire to stop the other team from collecting hits and runs.  A 3-time All-star, Evans was also known for his power at the plate.  During his career he crushed 385 home runs – good for 4th place in Red Sox history.

Happy Birthday Mr. Evans!!!

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Manufactured Card Patch – 1973 Topps Baseball Design

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Manufactured Card Patch – 1973 Topps Baseball Design

Good or Bad, Topps has not created too many manufactured patch cards that make me crave them.  Sure, they are nice, but the checklists have not really appealed to me and my collecting style.

So, while I check them out and mostly like what I find, I have not had to put too much energy into finding them for my player collections.

Thus far, I have only had to buy two of them – Jim Palmer and Joe Morgan!

The Palmer was scored way back in May, and now, six months later I have brought home the Joe Morgan.

The Morgan card features the 1973 Topps card of ‘Little Joe’ and I like it quite a bit.

Check it out:



While the design of the 1973 Topps baseball card set may not scream 1970’s in the same manner that the ’72 and ’75 sets may, there is no doubting that Joe Morgan’s sideburns are definitely inspired by the decade, and very possibly Richard Roundtree!!