Baseball Card Show Review – It was FANTASTIC!!!

Baseball Card Show Review – It was FANTASTIC!!!

Well, my final baseball card show of 2013 is now history.  The final scheduled show is during Thanksgiving weekend and I have family plans that will not allow me to attend.

Thankfully, the show I attended this past Friday left my show experience for 2013 on a very high note.  I only worked with two dealers, but I brought home some fantastic stuff – without breaking the bank!

I spent the majority of my time sifting through dime-priced bargain bins.  And I left them with a healthy stack of new cards for my collection.

Along the way, I hauled in cards for a player collection that I recently started.  And I also got some inspiration for a new player collection that is Red Sox themed.  Lastly, I scored a Florida Marlins collectible that I have been after for some time.

As the title says, it was FANTASTIC!!!

And I will be showing off all of the cards that I picked up throughout the day.  So, sit back and relax – ’30-YOC’ will be fun-filled all day long!!!


One response to “Baseball Card Show Review – It was FANTASTIC!!!

  1. If you’re referring to the Shriner’s show in Wilmington, then Saturday was pretty great as well. Got to see Rose, Perdo, Clemens and Rickey Henderson, while the Sox victory parade kept the crowd from being out of control.

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