Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1987 Topps, You Think What Card’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1987 Topps, You Think What Card’???

As a 12-year old enterprising kid, I had a few sources of income.  I cut lawns.  I washed cars.  I power-washed porches and patios.

While I was making just small amounts of money doing these odd jobs, I was making more than most 12-year olds.

And the thing that I invested in during that time?

1987 Topps.

At the time, I was both a set builder and player collector.  So, as I dove deep into the 1987 Topps release, I really had fun building both the full set numerous times and adding pages and pages of my favorite player’s cards to my PC’s.

My favorite card from the set?  The one that kept me focused and consumed?


The Bo Jackson ‘Future Stars’ card.

Bo Jackson

I had stacks and stacks of these cards – at least 4-5 full pages of  them, front and back.

Bo had an aura around him that few have achieved since.  He was captivating due to his pure athletic ability.  And he was still so raw as a player that he often carried a tag of ‘What If’ with him.

And now, I ask you – ‘When I Say 1987 Topps, You Think What Card’???

I cannot wait to read your answers to this one!!


18 responses to “Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1987 Topps, You Think What Card’???

  1. The Kevin Mitchell card has always been a favorite of mine. The image of him just after sliding into home with Fitzgerald looking back towards the ump is just great!

  2. #366, with a relatively scrawny Mark McGwire

  3. Couldn’t agree with you any more Brian, Bo Jackson!

  4. Jose Canseco! The Jackson was cool but Jose was my favorite for awhile after his 1988 season.

  5. Bo Jackson is a really good one. First one that comes to mind is:
    #420, Will Clark rookie card. A pissed-off (or maybe focused) Will Clark standing in the field.

  6. It’s impossible to pick one. I busted so many boxes of 1987 Topps that several cards are forever burned into my brain: Bo Jackson, Jose Canseco, Mike Greenwell, Will Clark, Dave Magadan, Rafael Palmeiro, Wally Joyner, Ellis Burks, and Barry Bonds all come to mind.

  7. I busted so many cases of this year that bedroom was taken over! And the two cards that I remember best were the Bobby Bonilla and John Cerutti RC’s. Bonilla because I thought he would be the next great Pirate, even over Bonds (LMAO), and Cerutti, because my best friend and I had had a contest to see who could accumulate 100 cards pulled from packs of our chosen RC. For me it was John Cerutti, and for him it was Mark Eichorn. (not sure why we both picked Blue Jays’; guys only that we liked our players.) The winner would then get the stack of the other guys rookie. I narrowly edged him out, although it would take one final half a case to get the final 10 cards I needed. Great times indeed and one of the fondest summers of my childhood.

  8. For me growing up in Oklahoma it was Ruben Sierra and as a Cubs fan, Rafael Palmerio. But I don’t think anyone at that time was going to pass up a Bo Jackson card. I loved the Nolan Ryan from that set too. Cal Ripken Jr. is a nice posed stance card.

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