Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1990 Topps, You Think What Card’???

Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1990 Topps, You Think What Card’???

It’s time for another round of ‘When I Say’ at ’30-YOC’.

This week we will examine the 1990 Topps set.  For me, this is a set that has taken some time to be liked.  From the start, the set was just too loud and too gaudy with its oddly designed borders and colors.

I recall as a kid that it was the 1990 design that was the first one issued by Topps since I collected that I truly did not care for.

Fast forward to today and I have turned the page on the set and the design.  It still does not rank as the best, or even second or third place, set or design from the 1990’s, but I do like it a bit more.

And for me, there is one card from this set that I think of each and every time I hear the name ‘1990 Topps’ mentioned.

That card is the Frank Thomas card:

Frank Thomas 1990 Topps


As a kid living in Chicago when this card was released, this was the first card that really blew up while I was collecting there (moved there in 1988).  Thomas was regarded as a ‘can’t miss’ rookie, and the city of Chicago, and White Sox fans particularly, were drawn to him as the next great star of the team.

The card is nice – though I wish that the ‘#1 Draft Pick’ logo were a bit more creative.  I have been able to score a bunch of these cards at card shows over the last few years.  It is amazing how inexpensive they can be had, and I hope to see more interest paid to Mr. Thomas as he nears possible Hall of Fame induction.

Now it is your turn – ‘When I Say 1990 Topps, You Think What Card’???

Ready?  Go.


12 responses to “Million Dollar Question – ‘When I Say 1990 Topps, You Think What Card’???

  1. Well my answer is Ken Griffey with the Topps Rookie Trophy on it. But, I am still dying to find the Frank Thomas no name error card for a decent price. Love these favorite cards’ posts Brian!

  2. Pascual Perez. He looks like he just got to the ballpark from the set of a “Soul Glo” commercial.

  3. I think it’s a tie between Thomas & Griffey Jr.
    There’s definitely something about the Thomas card that draws my attention, but I don’t know what it is.

  4. I 100% agree with you Brian, Thomas is the first card that comes to my mind. Griffey is 2nd, especially since they put his card on the outside of the box. I remember getting so frustrated with this release because the corners peeled or got rounded extremely easy.

  5. BJ Surhoff. I like to see the catchers warm up, I just wish Surhoff had the gear on.

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