Happy Birthday Curt Schilling!!!

Happy Birthday Curt Schilling!!!

Curt Schilling turns 47 years old today.

When you look at Schilling’s career numbers that span over 20 years, they are pretty impressive.  Don’t forget that for the first 12 years of his career he played with the Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies.  None of these teams were doing much to support their pitchers while Curt was there.

With 216 career wins, 83 complete games, 3116 strikeouts and 3 20-win seasons under his belt, I wonder where he ranks against some of the other pitchers of his era.  A 3-time runner up for the Cy Young award and a 6-time All-Star, Curt Schilling has accomplished what few pitchers have been able to do.  Curt got better after his 30th birthday; much better!  I know that a lot of this has to do with the fact that he pitched for Arizona and Boston, both of whom he won a World Series with, but his ERA and strikeouts improved as well and those are individual stats.

I am not certain if Schilling is a Hall of Fame worthy player or not, but having 2 World Series rings does not hurt his resume.  Think of all of the 200+ winning pitchers with no championships and all of a sudden Schilling rises to the top.

Happy Birthday Mr. Schilling!!!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Curt Schilling!!!

  1. Schill is one of my favorite pitchers, so I appreciate this post. He undoubtedly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. His career numbers are very solid, enough to get him enshrined at some point in the voting process. But when you add in his postseason record, and the fact that he was an important contributor on 3, not 2 (remember he won 2 rings with Boston), championship teams. He should be voted in within 3 years of eligibility.

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