Carlton Fisk 1988 Score

Carlton Fisk 1988 Score

Without a doubt, the 1988 Score baseball card set is one of my favorite issues from the 1980’s.  The set boasts great color and great action.  And for a debut set, Score’s first release was a huge improvement over the 1981 Fleer and Donruss releases from earlier in the decade.

The set’s main graphic elements was the brightly colored borders and the Yellow stars that appear to the left of the player’s name.  That’s it – pretty plain and pretty simple.

But, sometimes, that is all you need.  And in the case of the 1988 Score baseball card set, it works!!

Here is the Carlton Fisk card from the set:



I like it.  The Gold border color coupled with the Yellow and White text and graphics look nice together.

Maybe I wish that Score chose a better image of Fisk for the card, but I am OK with this one.  But, I would like to be able to identify the park he was playing in.  The Grey road uniform tells me that he is on the road, but that’s as far as I am getting with this one…

5 responses to “Carlton Fisk 1988 Score

  1. Maybe Fenway; with the red seats?

  2. I love that set as well but it did have one quality flaw and that was dull cutting knives that left flared corners combined with the really loose plastic wrapping. The cutting knife issue was fixed early on in the press run though.

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