Million Dollar Question – Based On How Your Team Operates, Who Is Your Optimum Free Agent?

Million Dollar Question – Based On How Your Team Operates, Who Is Your Optimum Free Agent?

We’re a few weeks into the free agency period of major league baseball’s offseason and I am constantly checking the ticker for updates as to who is signing with who and what teams are showing interest in what players.

And while we are all wanting to add the guy that effortlessly hits 35 home runs a year or the pitcher that throws 200 innings while striking out 200+, some of our teams just don’t operate that way.

So, for tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’, I’d like to ask you this – Based On How Your Team Operates, Who Is Your Optimum Free Agent?

Taking everything into consideration, what player best fits a need that your team has while also fitting into how the team works?

For me, and my Marlins, I need an affordable player.  And we have plenty of holes to fill – 1B, 3B, and catcher.

  • Brian McCann is too expensive for my Marlins, and I am not certain that he would get along with Jose Fernandez after their incident at the end of 2013.
  • Michael Morse could be a nice fit, and he is a local guy.  But, he is still enough of a big draw that he could command higher dollars from others.
  • Juan Uribe is interesting, but I am not sure that he is wanting to go to a re-building team with an eye on 2015 and beyond.
  • Mike Napoli is another local guy, but he will draw a huge payday from a contender.  And I am not certain that he would mix well with such a young squad down here.
  • Omar Infante –  I love how he plays, but I don’t think the Marlins would bring him back and I doubt that he wants to be in Miami again.

So, after reviewing the list of free agents available that I think could help fill a void on my team, my pick is…

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

2013 topps saltalamacchia

That’s right, ‘Salty’.  I don’t think he would be tremendously expensive and I like that for a rather young guy, he comes with a lot of experience.  He may not rank as top-notch offensive catcher, but he would certainly be an upgrade over any player that caught for the Marlins in 2013.

And now, it is your turn – Based On How Your Team Operates, Who Is Your Optimum Free Agent?

Ready?  Go!!



16 responses to “Million Dollar Question – Based On How Your Team Operates, Who Is Your Optimum Free Agent?

  1. Based on how the Orioles operate they will bring in guys who are under the under the radar guys. The biggest name guy they will sign is former all star and fan favorite Brian Roberts.

  2. Based on how the Dodgers operate: anyone they want!

    They could sign Cano, but they’ve already landed Guerrero for 2nd, so not sure they’re interested anymore.

  3. What do you think about Miami signing Beltran? Would he be a good fit?

    • Gerad- I’d love it, but it is not a good fit. They have much bigger holes to fill than corner outfield, and he makes 20X as much as their current RF (Stanton). They’re also building with youth – there is no way that they would consider signing him.

  4. I see the Cubs taking a flier on Phil Hughes or someone similar on a one year deal. He will then hopefully pitch well and be flipped to a contender for prospects at the trade deadline. Then the Cubs will hopefully be ready have the youngsters on the field in 2015.

    • Q- The Marlins have also been linked to Hughes, but I would rather see them not focus on starting pitching and fill bigger holes on the roster like 1B, 3B, C, and CF.

      However, I do like the move you have suggested that would showcase him and make a contender make a run at him for prospects. That works!!

  5. the cubs have the money, but do they have the will to spend it..?? honestly, they should when it comes to a guy like Tanaka from Japan.. he’s the one guy out there that i’d love to see anchor the Cubs starting staff for the next 5-8 years…

  6. I think even if his agent doesn’t sign with the team he played for I think that my Red Sox will sign Ellsbury.

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