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Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Ultra ‘Thunder Clap’

Andre Dawson 1996 Fleer Ultra ‘Thunder Clap’

As soon as I saw this card listed, I nabbed it – Thank you ‘Buy It Now’!!!

I am always on the lookout for cards of Andre Dawson wearing his Marlins uniform that I don’t already own.

This one from the 1996 Fleer Ultra ‘Thunder Clap’ subset is one that had eluded me for some time.

But finally, it is mine!!

Here is the card:



This card does not get listed too frequently on Ebay.  I’m not sure if the set is a short print run, but they just don’t come up very often.

But, when they do, they sell – every time!!

And over the last 2 years, I have probably seen less than eight listed and sold.  And all of them were out of my budget – until this one appeared…

Without hesitating, I snagged it.  And I have to say, while a tad gawdy and animated for my liking, I like the card.

Another great addition to my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection – YES!!!

1988 Fleer Superstar Special ‘Hitting King & The Thief’ Starring Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

1988 Fleer Superstar Special ‘Hitting King & The Thief’ Starring Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

A few years ago, I put together a set of cards to honor the career of Tony Gwynn.  My set consisted of every major brand release of Gwynn from his rookie season of 1983 through 1989.  The set looks great, completed, and I truly value what Gwynn brought to the sport and the history he made as one of baseball’s best hitters of all-time.

That set of cards contains a card from the 1988 Fleer set that is a part of the ‘Superstar Special’ in-set subset.  Gwynn shares that card with Tony Gwynn.



I’ve had to pick up another card for my Vince Coleman collection – and that is not a complaint, not at all.

It actually allows me another moment to acknowledge and celebrate these two elite talents.

And I have to guess that while pretty close in age to one another that this must have been a thrill for Mr. Coleman…

Roberto Clemente 2013 Topps Update – 1971 Mini

Roberto Clemente 2013 Topps Update – 1971 Mini

There is something about this guy and the 1971 Topps baseball card design that I simply cannot get enough of.

I was lucky enough to pull this card from a pack of 2013 Topps Update that I ripped open a few weeks back and this card bay far is one of my favorites.

Have a look:



The card is part of the 1971 mini subset that features both modern players and legends.

Between the Black border and Yellow team nameplate that headlines this card, it is a perfect match for the Pittsburgh Pirates and an action shot of Clemente.

Yes, it may not be the best imaged of #21, but I will definitely take what I can get!!!  And I am glad that I got this one!!

Keith Hernandez 1979 Topps

Keith Hernandez 1979 Topps

This is the last Keith Hernandez card that I will be featuring on the blog as I take a small break from vintage collecting and focus on a few new goals.

So, at least I can leave knowing that Mr. Hernandez is OK with my decision.

He actually seems pretty excited about it…




Happy Thanksgiving From ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

Happy Thanksgiving From ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

Enjoy whatever you may have planned for the day and evening.  Thanksgiving means different things to different people.  For me, it’s a nice afternoon with my family and some extra time to hang out with my wife and play with my 2 sons during a time that I would normally be at work and them at school.

At some point today, we’ll sit around and go through the newspaper ads to see if anything makes us want to fight the crowds because we ‘Must Have’ something.  I’m good either way – but my wife always find a reason to either go out at midnight or leave the house at 5AM…

Have a great day!!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Pressing The Pause Button…

Pressing The Pause Button…

No, don’t worry, I am not going anywhere.

I just need a little time to ‘Press Pause’ on a few things I am working on as my collecting interests have started to shift a bit.  And I simply have too many things going on to stay organized and in control.

So, I am going to ‘Press Pause’ on a few things during the winter and see how it goes.

So, no offense to Jim Rice or Keith Hernandez or Carlton Fisk or George Brett, but you will be seeing less and less cards of them featured during the next few months.  Will I pick up these collections and eventually finish them off?  I believe so, but I just need a little break.

I’ve really been enjoying going after some of the modern guys I’ve recently started collecting and I want to see how I can grow these collections if I focus more time, energy, and funds into them.

So, what you can expect is a lot more baseball card chatter about the newer player collections I have started.  Be prepared for a lot more Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Bryce Harper, Jose Fernandez, and Dustin Pedroia.

It will be a lot of fun, I promise.  And I am hoping that this winter offers lots and lots of trading opportunities as well.

Oh, and don’t worry – my Dawson, Jenkins, Palmer, Morgan, and Reggie Jackson pace will not change a bit.  That, I can promise!!!

Pause Button

So, sit back and relax.  And I hope you enjoy a bit of a different path on ’30-YOC’ for the next stretch.

I’m ready to go!!