Attn Card Collectors: Donruss Is Coming Back!!!

Attn Card Collectors: Donruss Is Coming Back!!!

**Hat-tip to reader Matt for sharing this story with me.  Thanks, Bud!!

For the story about Donruss’ re-emergence into the hobby of baseball card production, you’ve got to read this story from Cardboard Connection –

2014 Donruss Baseball Cards

Personally, I think that Donruss issued the best looking cards of the mid-2000’s and I am very eager to see how they are received in 2014 with this release.

I cannot wait!!!

Bryce Harper 2014 Diamond King


14 responses to “Attn Card Collectors: Donruss Is Coming Back!!!

  1. Best news I have heard all day!

  2. That is great news Brian!

  3. id prefer upper deck over donruss any day of the week.. and based on that very unattractive DK card, they could just stay away..

  4. Bring on the DONRUSS!!! Still brings back great memories from the 80’s cards!!!

  5. They still need a license….no W Sox logos….sucks! made my point at Beckett’s site.

  6. I love 80’s Donruss. Those cards were definitely a part of my childhood and will always be treasured… especially the Diamond King subsets. However… I’m not sure if I’ll bust any of this stuff. I’m one of those guys who needs the logos.

  7. Card collecting is going to get pretty interesting when Topps agreement is up with MLB. I’m looking forward to Rated Rookie cards, but I wish Panini would have done a retro set using the 1988 Score design.

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