Happy Birthday Bo Jackson!!!

Happy Birthday Bo Jackson!!!

Bo Jackson turns 51 years old today.

Vincent Edward Jackson was one of the most exciting players to debut in major league baseball during the 1980’s.  A 2-sport athlete that built a strong following at the University of Auburn, Jackson was a star before he made his professional debut.

And although his career was cut short due to a football injury sustained while playing in the NFL, Bo Jackson offered us some incredible highlights while in the big leagues.  An All-star during the 1989 season, Bo was wildly popular for his ability to crush home runs(141 in 8 seasons), chase down everything in the outfield, and his breaking of bats.

Happy Birthday Bo!!!  And thanks for the memories that will last a lifetime!!!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday Bo Jackson!!!

  1. Bo was the man… bustin’ bats over his head and on his knees… running up walls and through linebackers… and scoring runs and touchdowns. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to play full careers in either sport.

  2. Cool! Earlier today I won a ’87 Fleer Bo on Lista pretty cheap. I remember coveting that card back in the early 90s.. so it’s nice to finally grab it.. and cheaply, too.. and on his birthday! haha. Happy b-day, Bo!

  3. Anthony O'Neill

    Just about the best pure athlete that I had the honor of watching. He was fantastic!!

  4. I’ve never seen a more talented athlete in any sport. Bo would be a legend in any era.

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