George Brett 1990 Score – AWESOME!!!

George Brett 1990 Score – AWESOME!!!

Hey, why not start of your Monday with a great looking baseball card??

I thought I would deliver a beauty this morning for all of you and I think that I have done just that.

Check out George Brett’s base card from the 1990 Score set:



I told you it was sweet – just look at the full extension Brett got on this swing.

George Brett is one of the best players from his generation, yet I find him horribly underrated when it comes to the discussion of the ‘best hitters of the last 40 years’.  I would easily place Brett in my Top 10, and he would more than likely land somewhere in the 5-7 range.

This card captures him taking a mighty swing.  Based on the torque of his body and the stretch of his leading foot, I have to say that he more than likely connected hard with this swing.

Go Get ‘Em George!!!

2 responses to “George Brett 1990 Score – AWESOME!!!

  1. It is a really great card, but it’s too bad that Score didn’t do horizontal cards in the 1990 set because this Brett card would have looked even better. Check out Brett’s 1992 Upper Deck card out; it’s a really nice looking horizontal card.

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