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2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – David Freese

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – David Freese

With the new 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set release, the ‘Mini Tallboys’ subset is easily one of the best parts of the issue.

The cards from this subset offer a very basic, but throwback feel that screams vintage. The set is 40 cards deep and offers a nice mixture of current players, stars from the 1980′s, and Hall of Fame legends.

This is the card of David Freese from the set:



In his relatively short major league career, David Freese has become a highly collectible player due to his performance of the 2011 World Series.  In that Fall Classic, Freese won the MVP Award as he led the Cardinals’ offensive attack with his .348 batting average over 7 games.  In those 7 games, Freese connected for 8 hits including 3 doubles and 1 home run while driving in seven runs.

His efforts helped lead the Cardinals to the World Series title.

Frank Robinson 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads ‘Century Stars’

Frank Robinson 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads ‘Century Stars’

Yessir, I have hauled in another card for my collection from the 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads ‘Century Stars’ set.

This time around it is the Frank Robinson card that I picked up!



And just like with the other cards that I have scored from this set, I like the theme and I like the look.   I just wish that Donruss invested a little more creative time into the wording that makes up the background graphics of the card’s design.

Just imagine if the card listed feats from Robinson’s playing days rather than just repeating the same three terms over and over and over…

Carlton Fisk 1990 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Carlton Fisk 1990 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

It’s always fun to get a baseball card that shows a player doing something that you may not think of when you recall the player from his time in the big leagues.

This card of Carlton Fisk from the 1990 Donruss ‘Baseball’s Best’ set is one of those cards.

The reason???   Well, just have a look:



Yep, that is Fisk sprinting around the base paths in his home White Sox uniform.  And while we don’t know if he is stealing a base or going from first to third on a single, he is definitely chugging along at a good rate.

And I have to say, he looks really slim and trim in this picture as well.

Go Get ‘Em Fiskie!!!

1988 HEADLINE: Eddie Murray Traded To The Los Angeles Dodgers

1988 HEADLINE: Eddie Murray Traded To The Los Angeles Dodgers

On this day in 1988, the Baltimore Orioles traded the cornerstone of their franchise, Eddie Murray, to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A 12-year veteran, with more than 2,000 hits with the club, Murray was moved as part of a youth movement to energize the aging Orioles squad.

In return for Murray, the Dodgers acquired Juan Bell, Brian Holton, and Ken Howell.  In total, these three players suited up for 215 games for the O’s.

I would say that LA got the best of that deal!!!

1984 HEADLINE: A’s Ship Rickey Henderson To Yankees

1984 HEADLINE: A’s Ship Rickey Henderson To Yankees

Back in the 1980’s you didn’t get same kind of media attention given to the players and teams of today.  Between the new age of provocative journalism and the players themselves providing personal updates via web-based outlets, there is very little that we miss.  But back in the 80’s things were different and that is why this trade bothers me 25+ years later…

Rickey Henderson has been traded by the Oakland Athletics with Bert Bradley and cash to the New York Yankees for Tim Birtsas, Jay Howell, Stan Javier, Eric Plunk, and Jose Rijo.

While the A’s didn’t just get bodies, they really didn’t get much in return for one of the game’s biggest stars either…

By this point of his career Rickey had solidified himself as the game’s top lead-off hitter and base stealer.  He was a scoring machine and his near .400 OBS was a key to many wins for the A’s.

Something tells me that there is more to the story, but we may never know…  But what I do know is that if an All-star gets traded in the prime of his career in 2009 we know each and every detail within hours!!

Million Dollar Question – What Free Agent Would You Avoid The Most??

Million Dollar Question – What Free Agent Would You Avoid The Most??

Last week we discussed the best fit for our teams among the current crop of free agents.

This week, we will go with the opposite approach and identify the player that you would avoid at all costs.  It could be that you don’t care for his performance history or that you simply feel he is not worth the potential contract that he may score as teams look to fill holes in their rosters.

While very few players are worth the financial or time investment that teams make during this frenzy, some deals work out very well and some are disasters.

There are a lot of players that got consideration for this post from me, but ultimately, one name stood out…

Of the many names getting attention this offseason, the player that I would not touch with a ten-foot pole is starting pitcher, Matt Garza.

Garza is a fair pitcher.  But, he is no free agency prize.  In the last three major league seasons, he has played for two teams (Cubs and Rangers) – and each thought he could be the answer.  And he failed both times.

For the Cubs, he went 21-18 in 60 starts.  And then for the Rangers he went 4-5 in 13 starts.  He may absorb a bunch of innings, but that effort does not translate into wins.  Garza’s career strikeout to walk ratio of 2.55:1 is fine, but it is far from spectacular.  And with a career ERA of 3.84 and a WHIP of 1.283, he is not someone I would want to add to the front side of my pitching rotation.

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers

Garza is more than likely seeking a 4-5 year deal worth $12-$15 million per year.  In my opinion, I’d rather bring in two pitchers for that price that have a lot less experience but show more promise.  At best, Garza is an end-of-rotation pitcher, and he is not worthy of the investment that some teams may make into him…

Whew – that was a bit exhausting.

Who would you go with??  What Free Agent Would You Avoid The Most??

10,000 Posts!!!

10,000 Posts!!!

Holy Cow!

I had to take a minute to just announce that ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ has reached 10,000 posts – a true blogging milestone.

Whether you’ve been with me since the stat and read all 10,000 posts or if you are fairly new to the blog and have just a few hundred under your belt, I ‘Thank You’ for your support.

This blog means the world to me as it has allowed me the chance to connect with people that I never would have met while keeping me firmly attached to the sport and hobby that brought me endless happiness as a kid.

Cheers to 10,000!


Let’s go for another round!!!