2004 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

2004 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

The great thing about collecting team sets of a team that has just won a World Series is that they tend to get a little more attention in the collecting world the following year.

And that was the case when the Marlins came off of a 2003 World Series title as Topps gave them quite a few ‘extras’ in their 2004 flagship set.

The team set consists of 22 cards.  And then you have a few extra goodies:  Dontrelle Willis ROY card, 2 Gold Glove cards featuring Derek Lee and Luis Castillo, and two Postseason Highlights card.

Here is the full set:

2004 TOPPS A 2004 TOPPS B 2004 TOPPS C

I love it – and the 2004 design allows a nice, large image to take center-stage as the card’s main focal point.

I do wish that the ‘Postseason Highlights’ set had a few more cards in it – not having cards that feature Josh Beckett or Jeff Conine or Juan Pierre is a bit of a letdown…

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