Johnny Bench’s Fantastic Autograph

Johnny Bench’s Fantastic Autograph

If a player could teach a ‘How To Sign’ class, Johnny Bench could easily be the professor.

His signature is crisp, clear, and almost perfectly executed each time.  In fact, of all of the Bench signatures I have seen both in person and online, I have to say that I have never seen a bad one.

Written in a very clean script, his autograph is easy to read while offering just enough flare to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

I once read that as a kid growing up, Bench used to practice his signature repeatedly so he got accustomed to the same look and feel each and every time he signed.  He took a lot of pride in his signature, and wanted the recipients to be pleased with what he offered.

I have two in my collection, and if I have my way, more will follow.

Here is just one example of the perfection that Bench offers up:

2 responses to “Johnny Bench’s Fantastic Autograph

  1. I have a very rare autographed baseball the Johnny Bench signed both before he reached the major leagues and got lots of practice signing his autograph. It is a Buffalo Bisons team ball from when Johnny Bench played a part of a season in 1967 here in Buffalo before being called up to the Reds. In fact, he signed the ball “John Bench” and not Johnny! It is a more upright font and it’s squeezed against the seam after many other Bison’s have signed it. It is not in his refined, practiced penmanship of his later autograph. This one is of a 19 year old kid! My dad was friends with the Bisons booster club president Hank Berkowski who in turn was good friends with Reds George Scherger. Hank gave my dad the ball most likely because he knew from my dad that I was a 9 year old little league catcher. Hank has passed away, but my suspicion is it was a ball passed around the locker room or on the field and Hank had free access to the team due to his position and friendship. Smudged from dirty ball players hands and in a multitude of pen inks, the ball is full of 1967 – 1968 Bisons autographs, including Don Zimmer, who was the Bison coach in 1967. My guess is there are very few balls Johnny Bench signed while in Buffalo as he only played here for the better part of 1 season.

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