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Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

It’s nice to see so many legends inserted into these ‘Chasing History’ cards that were parts of the 2013 Topps flagship set, but after releases in Series 1, Series 2, and Update, I am still unsure if I really like and understand the set.

The word ‘Chasing’ refers to the present time – yet many of the 150 feats showcased on this set have already been achieved, some decades ago.

So, while the cards look great – and the images are outstanding, it is the theme that leaves me scratching my head.

This year’s update set featured a card of Jim Palmer.  And I have finally scooped one for my player collection.

Have a look:



Great image.  Great design.  The set???  Meh…

Reggie Jackson 2003 Topps T-205 – Hot OR Not????

Reggie Jackson 2003 Topps T-205

Let’s get right to it – I’m on the fence on this card.

Have a look:


I like the artsy-feel that this card employs, and the design reminds me a bit of a playing card.

I just don’t know if the colors work for me.  I mean, Reggie is sporting his Yankees uniform proudly, but beyond that, the card’s coloring is rather dull.  And while I understand that the ‘T’ sets are throwbacks, I am just not sure that this one makes me think vintage.

It actually makes me feel more like knock-off…

What do you think???  Hot OR Not??

George Brett 1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Checklist

George Brett 1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Team Checklist

Upper Deck came out swinging in 1989!

And with their revolutionary foil packs, colored card backs, and holograms, their debut set will always be a highly collected one.

One of the parts of that set that I don’t think gets enough credit is the Collector’s Choice team checklist.  They offer a great, artistic approach and showcase the best players from each team on the front with a complete team checklist on the back.

Here is the card from the Royals, featuring Hall of Famer George Brett:



Personally, I like these so much more than the other artsy cards from that time, Donruss’ Diamond Kings.

Happy Birthday Mike Mussina!!!

Happy Birthday Mike Mussina!!!

Mike Mussina turns 45 years old today.

Although Mussina has rarely been mentioned as one of the greatest pitcher’s from his era, his numbers are quite impressive.  Having played his entire career for just 2 teams – the Orioles and Yankees – Mussina has compiled some pretty solid stats.

In his 17 years as a full-time starting pitcher,  Mussina recorded double-digit wins in each season.  The most impressive part of this is that accomplished this while playing for a Baltimore Orioles team that was terrible for most of Mussina’s early years with the team.  With a lifetime win/loss record of 270 & 153, ‘The Moose’ finished his career with a very solid 63% winning percentage.

Mike Mussina was only selected as an All-Star 5 times during his playing days; but he did finish in the Top 6 for the Cy Young Award a very respectable 9 times.  Again, this is very impressive for a player that was never known as a dominant pitcher.  Clearly, his reputation as a solid pitcher that was going to give you good innings helped his cause for being one of the decade’s greats.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mussina!!!

Johnny Bench’s Highly Collectible 1968 Topps Rookie Card

Johnny Bench’s Highly Collectible 1968 Topps Rookie Card

I don’t know a single collector that would turn down a chance to own a Johnny Bench rookie card.

I also don’t know a single collector that has one.

And now that I really think about it, I cannot say that I have ever seen one of these beauties from the 1968 set in person.

Lucky for me the internet offers us opportunities to sit back and drool over what we cannot have.

And this is one of those situations…

Nice, Very Nice!!!