Roberto Clemente 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes

Roberto Clemente 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes

I don’t venture into a lot of ‘vintage’ cards of Roberto Clemente because the price tags that the cards carry tend to be pretty high.

And while 1 card released in 1983 should probably not be considered ‘vintage’ since it was issued well after his death more than a decade prior, because it is 30 years old I will stick with the tag.

The card is from the 1983 Donruss set, and it tagged as ‘Hall Of Fame Heroes’.

And while the card shows off like it is a piece of art, I would tag it with a ‘C-‘ if I had to give it a grade.

Have a look:



4 responses to “Roberto Clemente 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes

  1. I agree this is not one of the most flattering Clemente cards produced. I was actively promoting cards shows during the big card wars with Topps, Fleer and Donruss when this card was issued. The card companies were producing junk at the time, IMHO. The “speculators” were grabbing everything to pay for their kid’s college education and the card companies knew it.

  2. Brian,
    Hi! I started a reply to you about card shows now vs. the 80’s when I was promoting them. I ended up with an essay of 1000+ words. I’ll include that as a chapter in my book. I’m not sure it could be posted here in its entirety. When I proof it I would like to send it to you. It tells about the many MLB players we had as guests and some of the pitfalls or running the largest baseball card show in West Virginia at the time.

    Summing up the old days vs. now. In the early 1980’s shows were fun and friendly. The dealers were like a brotherhood. As the prices skyrocketed the dealers and collectors took the hobby to a business level. The future value of the card was most important, the hobby and baseball came next. I quit collecting in the mid 1990’s because of the number of cards being produced and it just was no longer fun.

    I’ve been to a few small cards show in my area, Ohio and West Virginia, the past few years. The smaller shows are coming back around to collecting as a hobby. I don’t have any recent experience for large shows in the bigger cities. I would suspect the larger shows are more oriented to the collector/investor with graded cards now such a huge part of the hobby. I’m not a fan of grade cards.

    On a basic level baseball card collecting is still a great hobby that I would recommend to anyone who loves baseball. My first baseball cards I collected were 1961 Topps. I was introduced to sports cards with a box of 1960 Topps football by my uncle. I would have been eight years old at time. You guys can do the math.

    My oldest grandson has become interested in baseball, baseball history and cards. I have a renewed interest in the hobby. I like your approach to collecting by going after individual players and your enthusiasm. The same idea could be used for a new collectors by specializing in say Cy Young or MVP winners. Team sets are another good way to introduce a new collector to the hobby. It would be impossible today for a collector to go after everything. Thank you for asking. It churned-up a lot of good memories and I have part of chapter for my book.


    • Patrick- Thanks for sharing. I, too, left the same around the same time and for very similar reasons. It’s nice to see/know that the hobby can still take us back to memories that conjure up smiles and good times!

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