Vince Coleman 1986 Topps – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Vince Coleman 1986 Topps – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Well, it took me quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I was finally able to bring home a 1986 Topps Vince Coleman rookie card for a bargain price.

Probably the best of the three rookie cards issued of Coleman in 1986, the Topps card, like the Donruss and Fleer cards, offers up no action and just a posed image.

Still, while not showcasing how amazingly gifted Coleman was on the base paths, this card is Coleman’s most sought after rookie card and it is nice to finally add it to my collection after deciding to collect Coleman back in March of this year.

Here is the card:



Showcasing that classic 1986 look, the card does work very well with the colors of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Between the Red, White, and Black – these three colors tie the card together extremely well.

2 responses to “Vince Coleman 1986 Topps – ROOKIE CARD!!!

  1. Coleman was a MONSTER on the base path. I think my favorite card of his is the 1985 Topps Traded.

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