Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Baseball Card Set Of 2013??

Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Baseball Card Set Of 2013??

I am always interested to hear what things people enjoy most about baseball cards  – vintage or modern.

For some, it is the photography, for others it is the graphics, some select a combination of both, and some are seeking rare and exclusive things like low-serial numbers, pieces of memorabilia, and autographs.

We all have our favorites.  And that is what tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is all about.

What Is Your Favorite Baseball Card Set Of 2013??

For me, a modern release has to include legends in the set so I can get excited about finding cards for both my vintage and modern player collections.  From there, I like to analyze the subsets, the design of the base set, and the Miami Marlins checklists.  If all three are met with satisfactory results, it is a candidate for my ‘Product Of The Year’.

In 2013, I got more into collecting modern players than I have in the last 5+ years.  This allowed me to enjoy more sets and look forward to more releases throughout the season.  And because of that, I think that I can fairly judge all 2013 major brand releases and make an informed choice based on what I seek from a new set.

Before making my announcement, let me say that in my eyes Panini took great strides in 2013.  Their Cooperstown and Hometown Heroes sets were both fantastic and each ranks very high on my list (between 2-4).

But, for me, the best product this year was Topps Gypsy Queen.  This has been my favorite set for the last few years, but I think that the 2013 release is the best yet.  GQ offers a great mix of former and current players and I love all of the added colored parallels and mini cards.  And while the Marlins team set consisted of just three cards, the entire set featured dozens of cards that I would eventually add to my collection.  I also think that this year’s subsets were superb – Collisions At The Plate, Glove Stories, and Sliding Stars are all awesome!

How about you?  What was your favorite release from 2013?

I cannot wait to hear your answers to this one…  Let’ Go!!!


31 responses to “Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Baseball Card Set Of 2013??

  1. For me it is Gypsy Queen. Only set besides basic Topps that I actually look forward to in the new releases.

  2. In the past I haven’t been too keen on the chrome sets, but this year my favorite set was the 2013 Topps Update Chrome set. I think part of the appeal was the limited availability of the set. The action shots are great this year and I think Topps finally corrected the curling issue with their previous chrome sets.

  3. I always enjoy Ginter. For some reason the oddball cards always keep it entertaining for me. Archives is a close second.

  4. Panini Cooperstown. There’s not a dud in the entire set. The only thing I don’t like about this set is the packaging. Only 24 packs to a box and 6 cards per pack. It’d be amazing if was 36 packs/15 cards per.

  5. I’m a big Heritage fan. And they’re getting into what (for me) are the “good years” (I bought my first packs in 1964). But I have to say, I had the most fun this year with Panini’s Golden Age. If you don’t consider that a baseball card set, because of all the non-baseball subjects, Hometown Heroes was a close second. Didn’t care for Cooperstown, much, though I did like the wood cards. Still love Heritage, but, man, Topps is being totally put to shame by the guys without the licence.

  6. On a side note, when do i get my million dollars? In cards please hahaha

  7. For me, it’s a toss up between Topps Heritage and Panini Pinnacle. I love the feel and look of the Heritage set, and the Venezuelan black backs are cool to see, and even though Pinnacle has the airbrushed logos, I love the homage to the inaugural ’92 set (which is one of my all-time favorites). Haven’t seen a whole lot of love for either of these sets around the blogs.

    • Marcus- Thanks for the comment. I am starting to get bored of Heritage – but I am hoping that next year’s version, and the 1965 design, get me excited again. Time will tell.. As for the Pinnacle, I agree, not too much coverage on the blogs. I’ve grabbed a few singles, but have not really put any energy into the set (yet).

  8. I insist on having team logos, so Panini’s sets are out. I also want to see full team rosters (or as close as we can get), so most of what Topps puts out doesn’t qualify. I’m left with the Topps flagship and Heritage. The flagship wins for having a larger set size, no internet-exclusive “high number” update, and the 1972-style mini inserts that I liked.

  9. I like Topps Heritage, Topps Archives & Panini (2012 & 2013; both released in 2013) Prizm. Topps Chrome is ok, but its just a shiny version of the base set.

    A late entry from 2012 (actually released in 2013) was the Panini National Treasures. I cant afford a whole set but with the cards in it, Panini made the whole no logo thing work and not a second thought! The autographs, patches, relics and player choice made for my pick of the release of the year!

  10. my favorite would be Upper Deck baseball, but oh, wait… there is no Upper Deck baseball… guess i’ll have to default to Bowman Platinum… i like anything Bowman really..

  11. No doubt Gypsy Queen.

  12. There isn’t a 2013 baseball set that stands out for me (I don’t think I own a card from any 2013 products), but I would like to throw 2013 Topps Triple Threads base set into the mix; that has to be one of their best base card designs to date with a nice distribution of Hall of Famers and active superstars. 2013 Finest baseball was disappointing. Can you imagine if it was designed similar to 2013 Finest football?

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