Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Subset Of 2013??

Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Subset Of 2013??

If it was not for subsets, I am not certain that I would be as interested in modern baseball cards as I have become over the years.

Sure, collecting a complete sets of cards is a neat experience, and one that I enjoyed many moons ago, but I prefer the unique and oftentimes ‘special’ themes that a subset features.  And the fact that most modern subsets highlight former players makes it even better for a collector like me.

Over the years, I have put together a nice assortment of modern subsets.  And regardless of the theme, each has reserved a nice place in my subset album.

But, which one do I like best??  Which one do you like the best??

My answer may surprise you…

It’s one that I have yet to collect, but in time I will.

It’s from the 2013 Panini Cooperstown set – Colgan’s Chips!!!

Chips Lot


I love it!!

I love the looks, I love the disc shapes, I love the variety of players included in the set.  And best of all, I love that owning these cards feels like owning a modern ‘oddball’ baseball card.

As I mentioned earlier, in time I will go after this set – maybe a 2014 collecting goal.

How about you?  What is your favorite subset from all of the 2013 releases?  I cannot wait to hear your answers to this one..  Maybe I will find some more inspiration for my next wave of subsets to collect…

Let’s do this!!!


22 responses to “Million Dollar Question – What Is Your Favorite Subset Of 2013??

  1. Topps base, Cut To The Chase die-cut cards,. Got my girlfriend into cards when I pulled the first one back in May.

  2. I’ve been working on the 2013 Topps Making Their Mark set. I feel we’ve entered a youth movement in baseball and there’s a lot of young potential HOF’s in the set.

  3. a close second for me is the Topp 100 out of Bowman every since i got lucky and pulled Yasiel Puig and then Will Myers.

  4. Nice pick by you Brian!!

    My favorite subset from 2013 is also from Panini Cooperstown and that subset is the Induction subset. I’ve never really seen cards from a player’s Induction into the HOF and those cards really stood out to me.

  5. My favorite was the “One Little Corner” subset from Allen & Ginter. Not baseball related at all, but not TOO difficult to find and they’re really sharp looking. I also liked the Topps Update Minis, but I’m just a sucker for the ’71 Topps design. The “Calling Card” subset from Topps Series 1 was a cool idea, but I’ve only pulled a few of those.

    • Marcus- I like the 71 minis as well, but I wish that Topps made them a little tougher to come by – I’d hate to see them just continue re-using their old designs because eventually they will run out of options…

      Im not familiar withe A&G subset you mentioned, but I will look it up!

  6. The 1972-style minis from Topps series 1 & 2 were pretty much the only non-Mets baseball cards I cared about enough to collect this year.

    Honorable mention to the One Little Corner set from Allen & Ginter because space stuff is cool.

  7. Mine is kind of an underdog candidate, but I loved Opening Day’s “Ballpark Fun” series.

  8. I just opened a box of Archives and the “Triumvirate” set really caught my eye. I just wish they had done every team. Love the concept though.

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