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Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings ‘Crowning Moment’ – Silver!!

Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings ‘Crowning Moment’ – Silver!!

Yeah, buddy!  Another parallel version of a Donruss Diamond Kings baseball card of Andre Dawson for my collection.

Donruss pumped these out en mass between 2002 and 2005.  And while I have scored more than 20 of them for my collection thus far, I feel like I have yet to really scratch the surface.

This card is from the 2002 release.  It is the ‘Silver’ version of Andre’s card from the ‘Crowning Moment’ subset.

Have a peek:



I Want More!!!

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ Subset – Coco Crisp

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ Subset – Coco Crisp

Topps’ Gypsy Queen brand offers up some pretty sweet 10-card subsets that feature intense action.

One of my favorite parts about the GQ subsets is that they don’t simply throw in the top players – they truly find incredible images regardless of the player’s star power.  What this does is introduce us to other talents that perform at high levels while also allowing for players that are not always in the spotlight a chance to shine for a bit.

The ‘Glove Stories’ set primarily features outfielders with 8 cards, and has 2 infielder cards as well.

This is the Coco Crisp card from the set:



Are you kidding me??  Look at the elevation Crisp got on this leap!!


And when the drama-factor is tossed into the equation, even better.  This catch ended up being a game-saver.  The ball would have been a 3-run homer hit off of the bat of Detroit’s Prince Fielder.  Instead, it was an out – and it preserved victory for the A’s.

Roberto Clemente 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

Roberto Clemente 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

I was very happy to see Roberto Clemente’s name on the ‘Chasing History’ checklist for the 2013 Topps Update release.

And I was even more excited when I saw, and pulled, the card from a jumbo box a few weeks back.


Clemente is featured in the set twice, both in the Series 1 and Update sets.  And while the card from Series 1 may offer a but more action with Clemente sliding into a base, the image from the Update card is a great one!

I love that he wore no batting gloves – and look at the face of concentration he has on the pitcher and eventual ball heading his way…


Vince Coleman 1988 Score – 1987 Highlights – Vince Coleman Steals 100 Bases For The Third Time’

Vince Coleman 1988 Score – 1987 Highlights – Vince Coleman Steals 100 Bases For The Third Time’

Now this is what a ‘Highlights’ card needs to be!!!!


Not only does the card stand out with its bright and bold headline of ‘1987 Highlights’ but the image used for the card is directly related to the feat that the player is being celebrated for.

And in this case, Coleman is shown attempting a steal of second base.  And the card celebrates his ability to do as such in three straight seasons, a feat that had never been done prior.

Go Get ‘Em Vince.

Happy Birthday Al Kaline!!!

Happy Birthday Al Kaline!!!

Al Kaline turns 79 years old today.

Back when the Detroit Tigers were a more meaningful and powerful franchise, they were led by the sensational Al Kaline.

Kaline spent 22 years in the major leagues, and he called Tiger Stadium home for the duration of that time.  A 15-time All-Star with the club, Kaline was on par with the game’s greatest talents from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The member of the 1980 Baseball Hall of Fame class, Kaline collected 3,007 hits during his career along with 1,622 runs scored, 1,583 RBI, 399 home runs, and 137 stolen bases.  He won 10 Gold Gloves for his excellent play in the outfield as well.  Never an MVP, he did finish in the Top 10 on 9 separate occasions.

Kaline was the offensive leader of the Tigers team that won the 1968 World Series.  In 7 games, he hit .379 while connecting for 11 hits, including 2 doubles and 2 home runs.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kaline!!

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #8 – 1961 Topps Design

Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set – Card #8 – 1961 Topps Design

I continue to work to add more cards from this set to my collection set since officially declaring that I wanted to build the full set as one of my 2013 collecting goals.

This is the 8th card in the set, a re-print of Aaron’s 1961 Topps baseball card:



Hank Aaron was spectacular in 1961.  His numbers are MVP-worthy, yet he finished in 8th place for the honor.

The numbers:  .327 batting average, .381 on-base percentage, 197 hits, 39 doubles, 10 triples, 34 home runs, 120 RBI, 115 runs scored, and 358 total bases.  He was an All-Star for the National League squad, and when reviewing his numbers and comparing them to the MVP of the league in 1961, Frank Robinson, they are on par or better in every major offensive category.