Baseball Card Companies Love Ozzie Smith!!!

Baseball Card Companies Love Ozzie Smith!!!

Ozzie Smith’s baseball cards are rare.  Rare in the fact that may of them feature him playing defense.  With set after set littered with cards showing offense, it was nice to find an Ozzie Smith card, and more often than not, he was being featured playing ‘D’.

Here he is blocking the sun from his eyes as he prepared to catch a pop-up…

…and here he is bolting to his left in an attempt to stop the ball from leaving the infield.

Here we have Ozzie calling off either a third baseman or left fielder as he prepares to catch a lazy fly ball at Wrigley Field.

And last but not least, we have ‘The Wizard’ turning two as he completes his part of a double play.

See what I mean??  The card companies were probably thrilled that Ozzie was so photogenic while in the field.  It gave them something new to offer everyone!!

One response to “Baseball Card Companies Love Ozzie Smith!!!

  1. There have been a ton of Ozzie cards produced & issued. Maybe one day I will focus on going after them all!

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