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Another 2013 Collecting Goal Complete! Come Check Out My 2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Set!

Another 2013 Collecting Goal Complete!  Come Check Out My 2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Set!

I am so excited to be able to announce that after collecting this set for almost one full year that I have finally completed the Hank Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative set.

This 23-card set features a re-print of each of Hank’s Topps base cards issued from his rookie season of 1954 to his final season in the majors of 1976.

The set features some truly classic Topps card designs, and I also like watching the Braves logo transform through three decades as you scroll from the top of the set to the bottom.


img533 img534 img535

I consider Hank Aaron to be the greatest hitter of all-time, and putting together a set of cards like this truly makes me proud.

I do wish that Topps never stopped producing these commemorative sets as there are some fantastic talents that are worthy of being showcased in this manner, but I am so happy that they chose wisely and make sure to honor Mr. Aaron in this way before they ceased the production of these sets.

Cheers to Henry Aaron!!!

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Sandy Koufax

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Sandy Koufax

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of Sandy Koufax from the set:


Sandy Koufax made it to the World Series in four of his twelve big league campaigns.  He won titles in three of the four match-ups, good for a 75% clip.

In those 4 match-ups, Koufax competed in eight games, going 4-3.  He had an ERA of .95 in 57 innings of work, and he struck out 61 batters while walking just 11.

He was names as the 1965 World Series MVP due to his 3 starts that included two complete game shutout victories!

Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’ – Gold!!!

Reggie Jackson 2013 Topps ‘Chasing History’ – Gold!!!

I don’t have too many of these cards in ‘Gold’ but when I saw this one of Reggie being sold for a very affordable price, it was an easy decision to go after it.

And I did!

This is the ‘Gold’ version to Reggie’s ‘Chasing History’ card from the Topps flagship release of 2013.



This card sure does look sweet – I wish that Dawson was listed just once on the checklist; I’m kind of disappointed that Topps did not give him 1 card out of 150…

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini

I still have a lot of work to do with my Joe Morgan collection as it relates to the card sets he was part of in 2013.  Sure, I nabbed a bunch, but he was included in quite a bit more.

So, in time during this offseason, I will go after ‘Little Joe’ with a little more vigor.

And I want to start with the Gypsy Queen set – my favorite of 2013.

So, I scored his base mini card from the set – and I got it ‘on the cheap’ too as I paid just $0.50 for the card.

Have a look:

morgan 7


One step at a time.  And one step closer to completing the ‘Joe Morgan Rainbow’.

Roberto Clemente 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decade 1970’s – Decade Dateline

Roberto Clemente 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decade 1970’s – Decade Dateline

Over the last few years, I have brought a bunch of cards into my collection from this 2001 Upper Deck ‘Decades’ set.

And while I will be the first one to admit that the image selection from this set, especially from a company like Upper Deck, is a bit off, there is no doubting that the card’s design is a blast-back to the 1970s’.

The cards are ripe and vivid with color and the fonts and text sizes make for easy reading while also staying true to a 1970’s vibe.

This is one of the Roberto Clemente cards from the set.



Far from spectacular, and also far from super.  But, I will take it!!

Here Is The 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes ‘Fergie Jenkins Rainbow’!!!

Here Is The 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes ‘Fergie Jenkins Rainbow’!!!

I’m really enjoying Panini this year.  And between the Cooperstown and Hometown Heroes sets, I am very impressed with what they’re issuing from their creative team.

I am also impressed, and happy, with the players that they have been choosing for these great-looking sets.

This year, Panini included Fergie Jenkins is the base portion of their ‘Hometown Heroes’ set.  Each card from the base set has two alternate versions – a state stamp version and a zip code stamp version.

And, I am very pleased to announce that I have secured all three.

Here is a peek at the full lot, first card-by-card and then the complete rainbow.


Jenkins Panini Base

State Stamp Version:

Jenkins Panini State

Zip Code Stamp Version:

Jenkins Panini Zip

The Rainbow:

Jenkins Panini Rainbow

Oh, yeah baby!  That is how you do it.  I love it!!!!

Andrew McCutchen 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter

Andrew McCutchen 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter

He kind of looks like a different dude without the dreads pouring out of his cap, doesn’t he?



I am pretty surprised that Topps decided to not ‘add’ McCutchen’s signature dreadlocks to this shot even if the image did not have them showing.

With the popularity that McCutchen has gained over the last few seasons and the level he has taken his game to as one of its elite, young superstars, my guess if that this shot was from his 2013 A&G card, it would have had the dreads added…


2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ Subset – Bryce Harper

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Glove Stories’ Subset – Bryce Harper

Topps’ Gypsy Queen brand offers up some pretty sweet 10-card subsets that feature intense action.

One of my favorite parts about the GQ subsets is that they don’t simply throw in the top players – they truly find incredible images regardless of the player’s star power.  What this does is introduce us to other talents that perform at high levels while also allowing for players that are not always in the spotlight a chance to shine for a bit.

The ‘Glove Stories’ set primarily features outfielders with 8 cards, and has 2 infielder cards as well.

This is the Bryce Harper card from the set:



What a grab!!

Harper made this catch on April 29, 2012 – his second game in the big leagues!  The play was made at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and came off of the bat of Juan Uribe.  The Dodgers defeated the Nationals 2-0.

Golden gloves are in this kid’s future!!

George Brett 1986 Topps

George Brett 1986 Topps

I don’t know if he just gone done with a session in the cages or if he is just wandering around the stadium with his favorite piece of lumber, but George Brett sure does look happy in the picture used on his 1986 Topps baseball card.

Have a peek:



My favorite stat from Brett’s 1986 baseball season?


Brett was intentionally walked 18 times during the course of the 1986 baseball season, an American League high.  And while this kind of treatment is typically reserved for the slugger, it shows just how well-respected Brett’s hitting talents were throughout the league.

Atta Boy George!!!

Did You Know…

On May 11, 1936, Yankees’ second baseman Tony Lazzeri recorded 11 RBI in a single game – an American League record.  This feat remains intact today.

tony lazerri