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2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Florida Marlins Team Set

2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Florida Marlins Team Set

The 2010 Florida Marlins are one of my favorite modern teams.  The team was stacked with young talent, and if they had been given enough time to gel, I think that they could have been a team that could contend.

On ‘Opening Day’ of 2010, the season did not get off to the start that we had all hoped for.  The team lost to the Mets 7-1, and the only players that appeared to have truly been ready for ‘Opening Day’ were Hanley Ramirez and Gaby Sanchez, who both collected 2 hits on the day.

This is the 6-card team set from the 2010 Topps ‘Opening Day’ set.


I like the combination of players included in this set, though the inclusion of Nick Johnson is a bit odd…  The hype around adding Nick Johnson to the team was for a possible postseason push.  That didn’t quite work out as he ended up just playing in 35 games for the Marlins and was on the Yankees in 2010 when ‘Opening Day’ arrived.  

It’s so odd that Topps included him when they could have opted for Gaby Sanchez, Anibal Sanchez, or Ricky Nolasco…

Still, the other five cards are pretty nice – and I really like the 2010 design!

Bryce Harper 2013 Pinnacle – Base

Bryce Harper 2013 Pinnacle – Base

A few weeks about, I showed off the Jose Fernandez card from this set that I picked up.

Well, I like the way that the card looked, so I immediately checked out the checklist to see if any of the other modern players I collect were included.

And as expected, all of the guys were.  So, I started my shopping.

And here is the Bryce Harper card:



Check out the mean cut that Harper took when that picture was snapped – WHOA!!!

I am expecting big things from #34 in 2014.  Like MVP kind of stuff!!!  Stay tuned.


Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Bowman – Gold!!

Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Bowman – Gold!!

Oh yeah, how about a little Gold for you on this Friday afternoon?

And the Gold comes to you courtesy of this card of Giancarlo Stanton from the 2011 Bowman baseball card set.

Have a look:



This is the third version of this card that I have added to my collection – I have the base card and the Chrome card already.

One of the better things about collection modern cards of modern players is that I am starting to get a hang of the card release schedule as well as what I can expect from an alternate-image, and colored parallel angle.

As I continue to gather and absorb this information, I should be able to go after cards with a but more firepower.  And that really excites me as I would love to be able to add volumes of cards to my Stanton, Harper, McCutchen, and Fernandez collections.

Joe Morgan 1993 Ted Williams Card Company

Joe Morgan 1993 Ted Williams Card Company

It’s always fun to find cards that were issued between the player’s career ended and when the vintage boom in the modern era took place.

I believe that 1993 falls into that time period.  And this ‘Ted Williams’ card falls into that category as well.

Check it out:

morgan 1


I love the action image of Morgan that was used in the forefront of the card.  And the interesting things about the background image of ‘Little Joe’ is that it has been used in many of Morgan’s modern cards.

Gotta love it!

Happy Birthday AJ Burnett!!!

Happy Birthday AJ Burnett!!!

AJ Burnett turns 37 years old today.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching most of AJ Burnett’s career.

It has been nice to see Burnett reach some pretty impressive baseball milestones.  Obviously, his Yankees team won the 2009 World Series and AJ played a crucial part in their playoff run.  He also had a solid season in 2012 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As a Marlin he did not participate in their 2003 World Series title run, but AJ thew a no-hitter for the Marlins and I still get chills watching the final out play out in anticipation of the team celebrating his efforts.

Happy Birthday AJ!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot

This conversation may be as easy it gets – Simply tell me who would be on your final ballot if you had an opportunity to submit one.

The final voting will be announced next week and I am eager to see how mine compares to the final BWAA ballot and how yours stacks up as well, too.

As for mine, it goes something like this:

  1. Greg Maddux
  2. Tom Glavine
  3. Frank Thomas
  4. Craig Biggio

And that is it.  Just 4 players.

And while there are certainly more players on the list that I feel belong, I believe that these are the ones that get enshrined, and deservedly so, this year – my class of 2014.

And now it is your turn – Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot.