Hall Of Fame Debate: Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot

This conversation may be as easy it gets – Simply tell me who would be on your final ballot if you had an opportunity to submit one.

The final voting will be announced next week and I am eager to see how mine compares to the final BWAA ballot and how yours stacks up as well, too.

As for mine, it goes something like this:

  1. Greg Maddux
  2. Tom Glavine
  3. Frank Thomas
  4. Craig Biggio

And that is it.  Just 4 players.

And while there are certainly more players on the list that I feel belong, I believe that these are the ones that get enshrined, and deservedly so, this year – my class of 2014.

And now it is your turn – Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot.


35 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Give Me Your Final 2014 Hall Of Fame Ballot

  1. I’m using all ten votes on my ballot!
    Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Mike Mussina, Tim Raines, Lee Smith, Fred McGriff, Edgar Martinez, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and Frank Thomas are all HOF players IMHO. Bagwell was close, but I like these guys more.

  2. I will second your list and raise you a Piazza. Really though, my thoughts are this year its Maddux, Glavine and Biggio. It would be really great to see Maddux and Glavine get to go in the same year as Bobby Cox. Those were some great Brave’s clubs.

  3. Jeff Bagwell – Tom Glavine – Greg Maddux – Jack Morris – Mike Piazza – Tim Raines – Lee Smith – Frank Thomas.

    Those are my picks. I could throw in a 9th and give it to Biggio. But I would be shocked if more than three players make it in this year. Madduz is a lock for first year. Glavine is pretty solid, as is the Big Hurt. Piazza would be my outside pick if 4 make it in. But, somehow, I bet it’s only one.

    • Jeff- I like your grouping, but I would select Biggio over a few of them. And maybe even Schilling…

      We’ll see what happens on Wednesday. 1 player is a little low in my opinion, but I also did not expect zero last year.

  4. I agree with Matt D’s choices. After last year, I fear it’ll only be the big 3 of Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas. But hopefully at least one or two other deserving guys gets in too.. with me specifically pulling for McGriff and Piazza.

  5. I’ll go with Morris, Biggio, Maddux, Thomas and Glavine.

    • Patrick- We’re on the same page with the exception of Morris. I can’t see him increasing in votes this time around – there are a lot of players on the list that will take votes from him (in my opinion).

  6. I have a much bigger list than you:
    Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Craig Biggio, Mike PIazza, Tim Raines, Frank Thomas, Lee Smith and Curt Schilling. I also think that Jeff Kent, Mark McGwire and Jeff Bagwell should go in but I only have 10 votes.
    I know the steroids are an issue with Bonds, Clemens and Piazza for many people (also McGwire) but the way I look at it, all 3 had the numbers and the career before the juiced. I personally think that Bonds is one of the top 3 players in the history of baseball (with the Babe and Willie Mays – yes I admit I am a biased Giants fan but look at the numbers) and that Clemens is a top 5 pitcher. With Johnny Bench and Yogi, you would have to say that Piazza is a top 3 catcher (I would put Pudge Rodriguez at 4). You can’t keep that level of talent out.
    We could debate the steroid issue forever but my opinion is that baseball knew it was going on, I think that by turning a blind eye they were in fact encouraging it, and it wasn’t against their rules. I know it is illegal but so is driving 71 mph on the freeway (I am not equating the two just pointing out that just because there is law against something a person shouldn’t be crucified for breaking it).
    Tear me apart all you want. I just know that when I saw Clemens on the mound or Barry at the bat it was obvious to me that I was watching a Top Tier Hall of Fame player.

    • Adam- I cannot argue against either Bonds or Clemens as both were as dominant as any player I have ever seen. I just don’t think that with so many worthy ‘clean’ guys on the list that they will get the votes.

      Both of them have huge mountains to climb!

  7. I think Maddux, Glavine and Biggio get in this year with Thomas getting in next year. I would vote for all four. I would also vote for Raines, Piazza, Clemens and Bonds. Clemens and Bonds would have made it without steroids in my opinion and played against plenty of other players who used as well so they would get my vote too.

  8. I really don’t care who the BBWAA vote for. They’ve proven that they are fools and idiots. If last year didn’t prove it, nothing will. The Hall is a complete joke at this point and will be an even bigger joke if Mike Piazza isn’t elected this year. The Greatest. Hitting. Catcher. In. The. History. of. Baseball. And you’re telling me he doesn’t get elected this year? There is NO evidence Piazza took any PEDs. NONE. If anyone has some evidence, step forward. Or just shut up and give the man his due. We DO know that Mickey Mantle (and virtually every player of that era) took PEDs (known as “greenies”). We know that Gaylord Perry cheated. We don’t know anything untoward about Mike Piazza. Like I said, the whole thing’s a joke.

    That said, if I had a ballot, I’d vote for the following: Maddux, Piazza, Glavine, Bonds, Raines, Lee Smith, Biggio, Bagwell, and, for the heck of it, Nomo. What, no Frank Thomas? Hey, I heard he took steroids. If you can keep Piazza out based upon a rumor with no basis in reality, I can do the same with The Big Hurt.

    • Stubby- Your passion is evident. And I like it. While I have never been a ‘Piazza-Guy’ it is hard to not give him his due especially when he has never been lumped into the same group as McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, etc.

      If my ballot expanded past four players for this year, Mike Piazza would get strong consideration for #5.

  9. Maddux, Thomas, Glavine, Piazza, and Biggio.

  10. Barry Bonds
    Roger Clemens
    Greg Maddux
    Tom Glavine
    Mike PIazza
    Mike Mussina

  11. Greg Maddux, Craig Biggio, and Frank Thomas.

  12. Maddux , Thomas, and Glavine deserve it for me. A very competitive list of players this year and for the years to come. I just think that the ones on the edge will get in the future years.

  13. My ten votes in order of who I feel should be in the most:
    1. Maddux
    2. Thomas
    3. Raines
    4. Piazza
    5. Bagwell
    6. Glavine
    7. McGriff
    8. Lee Smith
    9. Biggio
    10. Mussina

    I don’t believe you have to use all 10 votes, but if you think someone is a HOF, might as well use them.

  14. My HOF Ballot would have
    Maddox , Thomas , Glavine , Messina , Biggio, Bagwell, piazza and Fred Mcgriff . But I see only 3 going in this year . Maddox , Thomas and Glavine getting in with Maddax getting a higher percent of the votes than Tom Seaver who is # 1.

  15. Victor Dascanio

    I would like to see at the very least dave parker … but that ain’t happening!!

  16. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio
    Who do I want to see get in? McGriff, Lee Smith, Raines
    The clean guy’s

  17. Mine would be a full ballot:


    I think only Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas will make it this year, though it would be nice to see Biggio and Morris get the nod as well. And if there was not a limit, I would add Smith, Kent, and Mussina to my ballot.

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