Baseball Card Show This Afternoon!!

Baseball Card Show This Afternoon!!

Yessir, it is the first Saturday of the month, and of the new year, and that means that there is a baseball card show in town.

And while I normally skip the Saturday festivities and opt for the Friday evening event, my plans have been shuffled around a bit and I am able to make the show on Saturday.

So, I am hoping for a new batch of dealers as I have not been to a show on a Saturday in more than a year.  And hopefully with those new dealers comes new baseball cards for me to peruse too.

Since there are no ‘new’ releases for me to seek out at this show, I will not  be bringing a ‘want list’ this time around – strictly a collector going to see what he can uncover.

And you better believe that I will feature the full haul of the cards I score on Monday, so be on the lookout for that!!

Have a great weekend.  And grab some cardboard if you can.  I know I will…


card show 2


5 responses to “Baseball Card Show This Afternoon!!

  1. Good luck! I wish we had card shows in my area as often as you!

  2. I always enjoy going to card shows. You can pick up some inexpensive cards an no shipping and handling!

  3. What did you get me? Ha ha

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