Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson – YES!! YES!! YES!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson – YES!!  YES!!  YES!!!

Yes, that is a 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson card in the title of this post.

And no, this is no re-print.

It is the real deal.

Have a look:


I don’t care that the corners are a tad bit rounded.

And I don’t even care that there is a piece of clear tape running across the top of the card right above the name ‘Athletics’.


And I have wanted one for a very, very long time.

And now, the best part…

I paid just $1.00 for it.

I found it in a $1 bargain bin and immediately set it to the side.  I told the dealer that someone must have put it in the box by mistake and he stated, ‘Nope, it’s a buck’.

Without any hesitation, I bought it.  I don’t care about the condition.  I don’t care about the piece of tape.  I have always thought that this was a very cool card and never for a minute did I think that I would own one – and pay just $1.00…



8 responses to “Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson – YES!! YES!! YES!!!

  1. Most of my vintage cards have rounded corners, some even have some pen marks. It doesn’t matter to me because I’m collecting for me and not for an investment. I would rather pay $10 (or in your case, $1) than come up with $50 or more. I’m still trying to get a bunch of Brooks Robinsons and I may start collecting Gary Carter, so there will be more cards in that category. To me, Very Good is usually worth it.

  2. Nice 1971 card. Perfect 10’s are great, but a good “used” card for a collection is still nice. I have a >95% complete set of 1966 Topps I acquired many years ago when we were running cards shows. The cards are VG-EX, but each card has initials in the upper right corner. I asked the person I bought the set from if he knew anything about the markings. He told me he did that so his brother wouldn’t steal his cards. The set won’t put my grandsons through college. I still enjoy having it in my collection.


  3. I want a Jackson card signed like that one. Nice pickup.

  4. Vintage HOF bargain bin cards are always a great find!

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