Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Panini – “Studio ’13”

Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Panini – “Studio ’13”

Kind of a neat card here…

I remember these cards back when I was a kid, and I have to assume that I had the full set.  I know that of the cards in that original ‘Studio’ set, I still have the Andre Dawson card today.

As for the modern version, it certainly takes us all right back to that original that debuted decades ago.

And I am loving the homage it pays to the origins of the Panini set.

Here is the card of Giancarlo Stanton that I recently scored:



Very cool – and he is showing emotion, something that is not all that common with him and his personality (at least in the public eye).

Thank you Panini for taking us back to our youth,  This was a very fun trip down memory lane!!


4 responses to “Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Panini – “Studio ’13”

  1. That may be an example of a set that doesn’t suffer quite as much for lack of logos. If the rest of them are as fun I might look for them.

  2. Ah! Scary!!!

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