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2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Dylan Bundy

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Dylan Bundy

With the new 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set release, the ‘Mini Tallboys’ subset is easily one of the best parts of the issue.

The cards from this subset offer a very basic, but throwback feel that screams vintage. The set is 40 cards deep and offers a nice mixture of current players, stars from the 1980′s, and Hall of Fame legends.

This is the card of Dylan Bundy from the set:



Dylan Bundy was one of the most talked about phenom pitchers of recent years.  Sadly, the start of his major league career has been derailed by injury.  Thus far, he has pitched just 1.2 innings in the majors, but once he is fully recovered from his ligament reconstructive surgery from last summer, the Orioles will give him a chance to earn a major league roster spot with the team.

Kind of odd that he was placed in the Tallboys set with many other worthy Orioles available.  But, at the same time, very cool for Bundy!

Joe Morgan 2001 Fleer Greats

Joe Morgan 2001 Fleer Greats

I love the Fleer Greats set, and it is one that I wish continued beyond what Fleer gave us.

But, at least we got what we got.

And I just got a new Joe Morgan card from the 2001 set.

And it is a beauty!!

Have a look:

Joe Morgan


With just the right punches of Red, this card is suh-weet and it makes for a great addition to my Morgan collection.

Oh, and you may recall, my only certified autograph of Joe Morgan is the same card.  I guess it was finally time to pick up the base product…


2006 Headline: Bruce Sutter Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

2006 Headline: Bruce Sutter Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

On this day in 2006, Bruce Sutter was elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  He received 400 of 520 votes cast, good for a 76.9% clip.  The 2006 ballot was Sutter’s 11th appearance as a potential member.

As a relief pitcher, Sutter has 300 career saves.  His record is just below .500 at 68-71.  But it was Sutter’s daily dominance that established him as one of baseball’s finest closers.  Sutter won the Cy Young award in 1979 and finished in 7th place for the MVP as well during that season.  With 37 saves, 101 strikeouts, and a 2.22 ERA, Sutter was a huge part of the success that the Cubs had in 1979.  In his career, Sutter has finished in the Top 6 for the Cy Young in 5 of his 12 years as a major league player.  In addition to that, Sutter has finished in the top 8 for the MVP in 5 seasons as well.  These are remarkable numbers for a pitcher, and a reliever at that.  Over the course of his career, Bruce Sutter struck out 861 batters while walking just 309.  That’s good for a 2.79 K:walk ratio which is solid for a player that pitched his innings during ‘crunch time’.

Bruce Sutter was part of the 1982 championship winning team in St. Louis.  In the 4-game series, Sutter won 1 game and saved 2 more.  He was one of many key cogs in the wheel that gave the Cardinals their 4-game sweep and World Series title.

Sutter plaque

1995 Headline: Mike Schmidt Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

1995 Headline: Mike Schmidt Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

Mike Schmidt’s credentials are as impressive as any player to play the game in the last 50 years.  If you were to look up the definition of a ‘power hitter’ and ‘defensive specialist’ you could very easily see a reference to Mike Schmidt in both sections.

Schmidt played for 18 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and was and still is the face of the franchise for many baseball fans.  His raw power at the plate drew fans to the ballpark as he put on incredible displays of power while launching ball after ball into the outfield stands.  With 548 career home runs, Schmidt blasted 30 or more home runs in 12 of his 18 seasons in the majors.  And with 1,595 RBI, he certainly took advantage of have players on base when he was at bat.  Schmidt has a career batting average of .267 and hit .300 or better just 1-time.  But his job was to produce runs and that is exactly what he did – and at an unbelievable rate too.

And then there is the defense…  Schmidt was a 10-time Gold Glove winner at 3rd base.  His range, cannon of an arm, and desire to scoop up every ball hit in his direction made Schmidt the most dominant 3rd baseman during the 1980’s.

Elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, Schmidt was a 12-time All-star.  Schmidt may also be the most highly decorated player from the 1980’s as he won 3 MVP award – in 1980, 1981, and 1986.

Schmidt collected 444 of 460 votes cast for election on his first ballot.

1991 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, And Rod Carew Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

1991 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, And Rod Carew Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

Fergie Jenkins was a 4-time All-Star that amassed 284 wins as a starting pitcher.  Owner of seven 20-win seasons, a no-hitter, and a Cy Young award, Jenkins was one of the best and most consistent performers in the 1970s.

Gaylord Perry is a member of the ‘300 Wins Club’ with 314 major league victories.  During his 22 years as a pro, Perry collected 3,534 strikeouts, with eight seasons of 200 or more.  Perry was a 5-time All-Star and a 2-time Cy Young Award winner.

Rod Carew is one of the greatest hitters in major league history.  A member of the ‘3,000 Hits Club’, Carew amassed 3,053 hits in 19 major league seasons.  Carew was an 18-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, MVP, and 7-time batting champion.

Jenkins was voted into the Hall of Fame on his third ballot in which he collected 334 of 443 votes cast.

Perry was voted into the Hall of Fame on his third ballot in which he collected 342 of 443 votes cast.

Carew was voted into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot in which he collected 401 of 443 votes cast.

Players & Picks For The ‘Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Contest’

Players & Picks For The ‘Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Contest’

Well friends, we are just a few hours away from the Baseball Hall of Fame announcing who has been elected to represent the Class of 2014.

And with that announcement, we will also have a winner for my contest.

Again, the player coming closest to the actual percentage of votes that Greg Maddux receives, without going over, will be the winner.

Here are the players:

Player Pick
irondequoit36 85.4
unclemoe 88.0
eric 91.0
BamattyP 91.7
gerad 92
pancuco 92.1
jared w 92.7
fuji 93.2
play at the plate 93.9
jeff p 94.2
scott o 94.6
scott 95.2
rich 95.3
spiegel 95.5
adam 95.8
john h 96.0
30-YOC** 96.1
q 96.4
ron 96.8
mgrlr 97.1
jeff 97.2
kelly 97.3
henry 97.6
defgav 97.8
matt w 98
nick 98.2
rob 98.3
ryan 98.6
jt 98.8
zebulon 98.8
charley8 99.2
wrigley regular 99.2
tom s 99.8
matt d 99.9
hackenbush 100.0

You’ll see that I put my name into the hat at 96.1%.  My vote does not count, but I could not resist playing – this was fun!

And here is one more look at the prize:

Maddux Contest

Good luck everyone.  And good luck to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, and the other possible electees.

Million Dollar Question – As The 2014 Collecting Year Begins, What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Million Dollar Question – As The 2014 Collecting Year Begins, What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

This question is open enough to bring out a wide array of replies, and I look forward to seeing the things that people bring up as they offer up a reply.

For me, there is a lot to look forward to as the 2014 collecting year begins.

But, there is also one thing that stands out quite a bit more than anything else.

That thing?

The Miami Marlins

Yep, my Marlins. I am very eager to see how they are treated this year, especially by Topps.  The team now has two superstars – Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Fernandez.  And with a few more household names on the roster like Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Rafael Furcal on the roster, I am hopeful that we get more than 3-card and 4-card team sets from products like Gypsy Queen, Allen & Ginter, and Tribute.  The Marlins are stocked up young players, and many are capable of becoming major contributors to the team’s success and I will think that it will be interesting to see if and when Topps latches on to it.  Players like Nate Eovaldi, Steve Cisek, Marcel Ozuna, Christian Yelich, Adeiny Hechavaria, Henderson Alvarez, and Garrett Jones should all be decent options for Topps to throw into some sets this year.

Time, and checklists, will tell.  And I cannot wait!

How about you?  What are you most looking forward to seeing out of the 2014 collecting year??

Miami Marlins logo