Players & Picks For The ‘Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Contest’

Players & Picks For The ‘Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Contest’

Well friends, we are just a few hours away from the Baseball Hall of Fame announcing who has been elected to represent the Class of 2014.

And with that announcement, we will also have a winner for my contest.

Again, the player coming closest to the actual percentage of votes that Greg Maddux receives, without going over, will be the winner.

Here are the players:

Player Pick
irondequoit36 85.4
unclemoe 88.0
eric 91.0
BamattyP 91.7
gerad 92
pancuco 92.1
jared w 92.7
fuji 93.2
play at the plate 93.9
jeff p 94.2
scott o 94.6
scott 95.2
rich 95.3
spiegel 95.5
adam 95.8
john h 96.0
30-YOC** 96.1
q 96.4
ron 96.8
mgrlr 97.1
jeff 97.2
kelly 97.3
henry 97.6
defgav 97.8
matt w 98
nick 98.2
rob 98.3
ryan 98.6
jt 98.8
zebulon 98.8
charley8 99.2
wrigley regular 99.2
tom s 99.8
matt d 99.9
hackenbush 100.0

You’ll see that I put my name into the hat at 96.1%.  My vote does not count, but I could not resist playing – this was fun!

And here is one more look at the prize:

Maddux Contest

Good luck everyone.  And good luck to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, and the other possible electees.

7 responses to “Players & Picks For The ‘Greg Maddux Hall Of Fame Contest’

  1. Nailed it!

    Then again, I just won a bunch of Maddux cards. Nothing against the guy (except maybe that Cubs uniform).

  2. I can’t believe 16 writers left him off their ballots or didn’t submit one. I guess winning four consecutive Cy Youngs and 18 Gold Gloves doesn’t make you a unanimous choice.

  3. You know having one 30/100 season is deserving enough to get one vote in Benetiz’s case, ha! Not that having 8 or 9 of those seasons is enough to get McGriff voted in yet…

  4. Just realized I was thinking Jeromy Burnitz not Armando Benitez….doh!

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