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Dustin Pedroia 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut

Dustin Pedroia 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut

During the course of the 2012 collecting year, I was able to pull a few of these ‘A Cut Above’ die-cut cards from packs.

But, I had no luck in pulling any of the players that I actively collect.

So, when I decided to go after a few modern players for my collection, including Dustin Pedroia, I knew that in time I would want this card.

Thankfully, I found one for a bargain on sportlots.com.

And now, it is mine!!!



I love it!!

And my are those edges sharp!!

Reggie Jackson 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic ‘All-Time Classics – Upper Deck Team’

Reggie Jackson 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic ‘All-Time Classics – Upper Deck Team’

I have a small stack of cards from this 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic set.  And while I like the look and feel of the card, I do think that a few minor upgrades would take this card from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’.

I’ll explain.

But first, here is the card:



And now, a few possible upgrades:

  • change the stitching of the ball to Red
  • Make the ’16’ logo in the center match the team colors
  • Add color to the cap, sleeves, jersey number, and striping on his pants
  • Remove the Silver foil from Reggie’s name and match it to the team’s colors

And then we may be looking at a work of art!!

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – David Ortiz

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – David Ortiz

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of David Ortiz from the set:



While he is still in the process of writing his postseason legacy, David Ortiz has already cemented himself as one of the sport’s great playoff heroes.

As a member of the Boston Red Sox for the past 11 seasons, Ortiz has helped take Boston to the playoffs seven times.  He has compiled a career playoff batting average of .295 while connecting for 17 home runs and driving in 60 runs.

Amazingly, in World Series play, he is even better.  Much better.  In three World Series match-ups, Ortiz has played in 14 games.  He had amassed a .455 batting average while going 20-for-44.  Of his 20 hits, 6 are doubles and 3 are home runs.  He has driven in 14 RBI in those 14 games while also scoring 14 runs.

Jose Fernandez 2013 Topps Update All-Star Card – Emerald Crystal Parallel

Jose Fernandez 2013 Topps Update All-Star Card – Emerald Crystal Parallel

Another Jose Fernandez rookie card for the collection.

This one is the Emerald parallel of his 2013 Topps Update All-Star card.

Have a look:



While the Emerald card is one of the more easy colored parallels to find from the 2013 Topps set, I also find it to be the most ‘out there’.  The color is bright and a bit too bold for me too.

And to be honest, I like more of a break between the border and the photo – with both the border and the background of this card flashing the same shade of Green, the result is a very LOUD card.

Did You Know…

During the 1960’s, no base runner stole more bases than Maury Wills.  Wills stole 535 bags in the decade.

Maury Wills

Willie McCovey’s Classic & Highly Sought After 1960 Topps Rookie Card

Willie McCovey’s Classic & Highly Sought After 1960 Topps Rookie Card

I love vintage baseball cards.  I appreciate vintage baseball cards.

I just wish that this was a better example of a vintage baseball card that I like…

And while I would never say ‘No’ to adding a rookie card of Mr. McCovey into my collection, it would definitely not qualify as one of the better looking cards from the 60’s in my collection.

It’s not his fault though…  Topps just didn’t provide us with the best design or quality – that’s all.

The picture was obviously taken during Spring Training, and those empty bleachers don’t help the background.  As for the Green and Yellow that overwhelm the right-side of the card, it is just a bit too bold and loud for me.  The All-Star trophy helps calm it down – but not enough to win this collector over…

Still, when talking about the best rookie cards from the early 196o’s, Willie McCovey’s card from the ’61 Topps set is a ‘Must Have’.

I know that I wish I did…

Willie McCovey And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

Willie McCovey And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

The plaque reads:

“Top left handed home run hitter in NL history with 521.  Second only to Lou Gehrig with 18 Grand Slams, Led NL in homers three times and RBI twice.  NL Rookie of Year in 1959, MVP in 1969, and Comeback player of the year in ’77.  Teamed with Willie Mays for awesome 1-2 punch in Giants’ lineup.”