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2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Derek Jeter

2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Derek Jeter

I had such a good time building the ‘Prime 9 – Home Run Legends’ set that as soon as it was completed, I jumped right into the ‘Prime 9 – Players Of The Week’ set.

The set was issued in the same manner – through exclusive redemption cards that could only be processed through hobby shops.

The set is ten cards deep, and features a great graphic display as well as a super-glossy finish.

This is the Derek Jeter card from the set:

Prime Jeter


The back of the card features ‘9 Prime’ facts about Derek Jeter.

A few of my favorites are:

  • Batted over .500 in three high school seasons
  • 1994 Topps Minor League Player Of The Year
  • 2000 ASG MVP and WS MVP
  • Named Yankees captain in 2003
  • 2009 Sports Illustrated ‘Sportsman Of The Year’
  • Holds postseason record for hits, runs scored, and extra-base hits
  • Only active MLB player with a 60% win percentage

Reggie Jackson 1987 Sportflics

Reggie Jackson 1987 Sportflics

After showing you that Andrew McCutchen card a few hours ago, I immediately began digging for a Sportflics card to show off that I have yet to feature.

And I found one in my Reggie Jackson ‘stash’.

This card comes from the 1987 set, and features Reggie during his time with the California Angels.

Have a peek:



When scanning these cards, it is always tough to get it just right.  But, if you look closely, you can see the action as Reggie takes a mighty left-handed hack and a pitch.

The design may be a but dull and boring as there are no graphics, player names, team logos, etc on display, but Sportflics were the first cards that brought ‘Action’ to us on a hunk of cardboard.

Gotta love those oddballs!!!

Andrew McCutchen 2010 Topps ’20/20′

Andrew McCutchen 2010 Topps ’20/20′

This one is interesting as that it has kind of a ‘Sportflics’ look and feel to it.  From the image that moves to the card surface that is textured, as soon as I saw this card, I thought about those great oddballs from the 1980’s.

This card of McCutchen is part of an insert set from the 2010 Topps flagship set.  The subset is tagged as ’20/20′ and it featured 20 young ‘up and coming’ players that were geared to be stars during the next decade.

I am happy to say that Topps predicted properly and included Andrew McCutchen in the set.

Here is his card:



I had to go back and find the checklist to see how well they did with the other players that were included on the checklist.  And for the most part, they got it right.  They had Kershaw, Price, Posey, Longoria, and Grienke on the list as well – and they’re all panning out to be solid.  But, they also included Chris Coghlan, Andre Ethier, and Tommy Hanson in there as well, and these guys may not be employed when the 2014 season takes flight.


George Brett 1983 Topps A.L. All-Star – WHOA!!!

George Brett 1983 Topps A.L. All-Star

I have to believe that my biggest conundrum around baseball cards issued during the 1980’s is the treatment of the All-Star cards that littered our sets – specifically from Topps.

While I was a huge Topps collector and supporter as a kid, and am again today, I always felt that their All-Star cards were a let-down.

For me, the All-Star card is a chance to show off, to let the player stand out and shine, after all, the player had been chosen as one of the best players from their league.

Instead, we get a lot of cards that look like this:


How this card got past the editor’s desk is beyond me…

Sorry, George.

Did You Know…

Of all of the players inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, it was Lloyd Waner who in 1927 collected 223 hits on the season but only connected for 25 extra base hits.  He is the most recent HOF’er to gather 200 hits in a season and have 25 or fewer go for extra bases.


I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

I’m Looking For A Few More 2013 Topps Archives “Mini Tallboys” If Anyone Has A Few To Spare…

Friends, the title of this post says it all.  I need a few cards from this set to make it complete so I am turning to the great readers of this blog to see if I can get any help.

Currently, I have four cards left on my ‘Need List’.  They are:

  • Buster Posey
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Mike Trout
  • Roberto Clemente

Quite a list, huh?

If you have any of these cards, and are willing to part with them, please let me know.  I’m certain that we can work something out – and I will surely be grateful.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks for the help!