Reggie Jackson 1987 Sportflics

Reggie Jackson 1987 Sportflics

After showing you that Andrew McCutchen card a few hours ago, I immediately began digging for a Sportflics card to show off that I have yet to feature.

And I found one in my Reggie Jackson ‘stash’.

This card comes from the 1987 set, and features Reggie during his time with the California Angels.

Have a peek:



When scanning these cards, it is always tough to get it just right.  But, if you look closely, you can see the action as Reggie takes a mighty left-handed hack and a pitch.

The design may be a but dull and boring as there are no graphics, player names, team logos, etc on display, but Sportflics were the first cards that brought ‘Action’ to us on a hunk of cardboard.

Gotta love those oddballs!!!

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