A Gift To Myself – My New Fergie Jenkins Signed Cooperstown Collection Jersey!!!

A Gift To Myself – My New Fergie Jenkins Signed Cooperstown Collection Jersey!!!

I had a very solid Ebay holiday season when it comes to being a seller.  I was able to offload quite a bit of the cards that did not fit into my collection (primarily from modern box breaks) and it resulted in a PayPal account that saw a nice increase in ‘available balance’.

Instead of shopping for small things that would slowly chip away at my balance and net me a big stack of cards, I sought out some higher end stuff that I normally would not purchase on my own.

Ultimately, I ended up scoring two pretty unique and incredible pieces for my collection.

This is item #1 – a signed Fergie Jenkins Cooperstown Collection Cubs jersey






The jersey is awesome, and it comes inscribed with the inscriptions I would be seeking if I was attempting to get a jersey done on my own.  And the Silver paint pen is exactly what I would use if doing this on my own.  I could not go wrong with this piece!!

The seller that was offering the jersey is always selling them for $159 as he had Jenkins at a private signing a few years ago and has quite a few extras.  Well, during the holidays, he listed a bunch of items with a starting bid price of $0.99 and I was on it from the start.  I paid $44.00 for this signed jersey, and it is a perfect complement to my ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ collection.

I cannot believe that I got this piece for so little.  Adding a signed jersey to my Fergie Jenkins collection has been on my ‘to do list’ for some time, and to do so at such a high quality rate while extremely affordable allowed me to go after another piece which I will show off in the coming weeks.

As for now, I will sit back and enjoy this beauty!!!

And if you’d like to see how my ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ collection is coming on, click the link and check it out.


12 responses to “A Gift To Myself – My New Fergie Jenkins Signed Cooperstown Collection Jersey!!!

  1. What a great looking jersey! Congrats

  2. Awesome. Nice jersey!!!!

  3. Amazing addition to your awesome Fergie collection. Congrats!!!

  4. Whoa! Frame that thing.

  5. That is one sweet jersey!! Great addition to your collection!

  6. Great player! Great looking jersey! Great auto! Great price!

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