Did You Know….

The first player elected into the Hall of Fame that batted right-handed during his career while playing defense left-handed is Rickey Henderson.

Henderson hitting Henderson throwing



One response to “Did You Know….

  1. There haven’t been too many lefties who batted exclusively from the right side . As a kid I remember looking into active B: R, T: L players. Henderson, Mackey Sasser, and Mark Carreon where the only ones I could find. This was around 1990. To my surprise, I just looked up Sasser now and he batted left and threw right. There must be an error card somewhere out there! My research in circa 1990 (could have been as early as 1985) would have been based on baseball cards. I seriously remember seeing that he was B:R, T:L.

    There’s been a few additions since 1990. http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/bats-right-throws-left-the-best-players-in-major-league-history/

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