Vince Coleman ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1988 Fleer

Vince Coleman ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1988 Fleer

Now that my Vince Coleman player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #4 – 1988 Fleer



Because all games played at Wrigley Field prior to 1988 were played during the day, the ballpark was a hot-spot for sports photographers.

The reason?

Natural light!

No messing with flashes.  No worries about images coming out too dark.  Natural lighting serves as the best way to capture the action.

And that is why Wrigley Field, and the famous brick half-wall behind the batter is seen in a lot of cards that were issued in the 1980’s.


2 responses to “Vince Coleman ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1988 Fleer

  1. Wrigley was the perfect backdrop for cards back in the day. The bricks are neutral color and wouldn’t clash as much with the card design. Too many solid color backstops in the 80s. I’m sure when stadiums elected to advertise on backstops and outfield fences rampantly, card companies were like “son of a b…..”

  2. You’re on a Coleman kick!

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