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Vince Coleman ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Score

Vince Coleman ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Score

Now that my Vince Coleman player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #1 – 1988 Score



I could have gone with either his base or Highlights card for my #1 spot in my ‘Vince Coleman Fab Five’ but ultimately, I like the Purple color and the action is perfectly centered on this shot.

Based on the camera angle of this image, I am guessing that the photographer that snapped this shot was somewhere close to where the catcher sits.  And that positioning allows us a chance to see what the catcher sees when Coleman takes that large lead and prepares to blast off from first to second base!

Go Get ‘Em Vince!!!

1993 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Fleer Ultra Florida Marlins Team Set

Why not take it a little ‘old school’ and go back to revisit the birth of the Florida Marlins franchise?

This Marlins team set from the 1993 Fleer Ultra base set surely does that.

Have a look:



Loaded with Teal and Black, this roster was stuffed with talent – some lowe-end and some high-end.

What came out of it was the veteran presence of Benito Santiago and Charlie Hough and we also got a glimpse of a rookie that is still linked to the team today – Mr. Jeff Conine.

Going back and picking up these older team sets is a blast.  And with the quality of Fleer Ultra, you really don’t feel like you’re handling a product that is 20-years old.  But then you see the mustaches, physiques, and eye glasses – and it is all back to 1993!

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Series 1 – Gold Border #’d To 2013 Copies!!!

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Series 1 – Gold Border #’d To 2013 Copies!!!

I’m still trying to pick off all of the Bryce Harper cards from the Topps flagship set of 2013 – and while I know that I will never be able to secure all of them, I am happy with the progress I have been making.

My newest addition to this hopeful ‘Rainbow’ is the Gold parallel from the Series 1 release.  The card is numbered as 180/2013.

Have a look:



This is just my second card of the Series 1 issue ( I have the base).  I still need  the Emerald, Blue, Red, and a few more…  Kind of tough to keep up.  But I will try!

Joe Morgan 1982 KMart 20th Anniversary MVP Series – 1976 NL MVP

Joe Morgan 1982 KMart 20th Anniversary MVP Series – 1976 NL MVP

Oh yeah, let’s all get in the car and head over to K-Mart on this beautiful Friday morning!!


Actually, it has probably been more than 10+ years since I have stepped foot in a K-Mart store, and the one that was closest to my house was converted into a new Sports Authority store 3-4 years ago.

But, I would go back if they had some of these:



This card is from the 1982 K-Mart 20th Anniversary set.  The set features cards of the MVP’s from the league while also celebrating KMart’s 20th Anniversary.

I already had the card of Joe Morgan from this set that featured his 1975 Topps card, so it is nice to complete the set of Morgans from this neat and oddball set from the 1980’s.

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Mike Mussina’s Vote Tally From His First Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Mike Mussina’s Vote Tally From His First Ballot

Well, as we all know by now, Mike Mussina did not get anywhere close to gaining entry into the Hall of Fame Class of 2014 when the votes were announced a few weeks back.

Actually, he did far worse than what I expected.  Of a total of 571 votes cast, Mussina secured just 116 good for 20.3% of the total, and well below the needed 75% to gain election.

So, what happens now?  Where does the voting for Mike Mussina go from here?

Does he follow the path of Jack Morris and hang around for a long time picking up votes year after year but never gaining access?  Or does, he slowly start to lose votes as new possible inductees take more votes from him, a la Fred McGriff?

Me – I think he will stick around for a while – but never get over the 55-60% mark.  There are a few pitchers on the ballot right now that I think are just as worthy, or possibly more, as Mussina.   And with the guys coming up on future ballots, I think he will be stuck in the shadows for a few more years before he may get a bigger bump from the voters.


What do you think happens?