Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Mike Mussina’s Vote Tally From His First Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Mike Mussina’s Vote Tally From His First Ballot

Well, as we all know by now, Mike Mussina did not get anywhere close to gaining entry into the Hall of Fame Class of 2014 when the votes were announced a few weeks back.

Actually, he did far worse than what I expected.  Of a total of 571 votes cast, Mussina secured just 116 good for 20.3% of the total, and well below the needed 75% to gain election.

So, what happens now?  Where does the voting for Mike Mussina go from here?

Does he follow the path of Jack Morris and hang around for a long time picking up votes year after year but never gaining access?  Or does, he slowly start to lose votes as new possible inductees take more votes from him, a la Fred McGriff?

Me – I think he will stick around for a while – but never get over the 55-60% mark.  There are a few pitchers on the ballot right now that I think are just as worthy, or possibly more, as Mussina.   And with the guys coming up on future ballots, I think he will be stuck in the shadows for a few more years before he may get a bigger bump from the voters.


What do you think happens?

11 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Mike Mussina’s Vote Tally From His First Ballot

  1. Hi! I’m a big Mussina fan, so let’s get that out of the way. I believe he will gain votes each year and eventually make it to the HOF. My guess sometime in the next 5 years or so. He has the stats.


    • Patrick- While I wouldn’t mind seeing it, I just don’t see a guy like him getting that much ‘new’ support that quickly. I actually think he’ll gain more support in the second half of the fifteen years that he is eligible.

  2. Totally disagree with you Brian. Mussina will be inducted into the HOF sooner than you think. Just a quick comparison between Mussina and the newly elected Tom Glavine. Mussina has a better 162 Game AVG season than Glavine. He has a better career SO/BB, ERA+ and WHIP (also a tiny bit better OBP & BA Against) than Glavine did. He also has less career Walks and more career Strikeouts as well as a better career win percentage.

    Glavine has more postseason experience and more WS titles, but Mussina was a better postseason pitcher. Mussina had less Walks and more strikeouts than Glavine did. Mussina also had a better WHIP and SO/BB than Glavine as well.

    Mussina’s career (along with Fred McGriff) was affected greatly by the strike seasons of 1994 & 1995. Those two seasons probably cost him about 10-13 wins as well as more strikeouts. Mussina also pitched his entire career in the AL East (which has been the most competitive division in baseball for the past two decades) while Glavine pitched in the NL East which wasn’t nearly as strong as the AL East. Mussina is a much better pitcher than fans/writers give him credit for.

    • Matt- I like him. I just don’t think that with how the first round of voting went that it bodes well for him. Roger Clemens got 80+ more votes than him – and a lot of voters despise Clemens. For me, that is pretty telling…

  3. I think he gets in. But not any time soon. I see him going in around his 12th or 13th time. He’s gonna wait awhile. And it’s his own fault.. He wins 20 games for the first time in his career and than retires. WTF? He could of benefited from another 20 game season. He should of just stood around till he got 300. He would of been an automatic than. All he needed was two 15 game win seasons. Which he was very capable of getting.

    • AGL- I agree that getting much closer to 300, or reaching 300 would have helped his initial vote. And I too think that he retired a bit early based on his final season performance. Yet, at the same time, I usually get a little saddened by watching the aging star diminish in front of us – so I can understand walking away while on top.

  4. I think he gets in eventually. I think anytime you have the pin stripes behind you that helps. I think there will be a lull period after Johnson and Pedro gets in before we see a few “no doubt about it” HOF pitchers again. Maybe when Marino is up election in 5 years, Mussina will go in with him.

  5. Well most voters claimed he was #11 on their ballot if they had more than 10 votes. I don’t know if he will pick up steam next year as three more deserving candidates will take this year’s inductees places. But in two years he could see a sizable jump.

    • Charley- who would you select first, Mussina or Schilling?

      • Moose. Mostly because he was a model of consistency for so long. Schilling was more dynamic and you would choose him if you had to select for just one start. But being a top level pitcher year in and year out especially in AL east gets high marks in my book. Schilling kicked around at the start of his career, late bloomer. Mussina made an impact throughout his.

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