30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”

30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”

Once a year I try to give a complete recap of my major player collections.  This gives me a chance to time-stamp the full collection on my blog so I can keep this data stored in an easy to find manner while also getting to share the information with the great readers of ’30-YOC’.

In the past this has served me very well as I have met some great player collectors through these posts – and also struck up some great trades too.

This is 30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”.

Here is a complete breakdown of my entire Jim Palmer baseball card collection:

  • total cards – 241
  • cards from playing days – 56
  • cards issued post retirement – 185
  • relic cards – 20
  • in-person / TTM autographs – 0
  • certified autographs – 3

I’ve been actively collecting Jim Palmer baseball cards for more than four years.  Thankfully he is included in a lot of modern issues so the opportunity to grow the collection is still very real.  I would like to expand on the vintage cards as time and money allow, and I would like to pull in a few more autographed cards as well.

jim palmer photo


2 responses to “30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”

  1. One day, you’ll get that In Person autograph from Palmer.

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