Hank Aaron 2013 Bowman Rookie Reprint – Sapphire!

Hank Aaron 2013 Bowman Rookie Reprint – Sapphire!

After already scoring cards from this set of both Andrew McCutchen and Ken Griffey Jr., I immediately sought out the complete checklist as I really liked what I was seeing with this issue.

The result of my homework culminated in a search for the Hank Aaron card.

It did not take me too long to find one, and it was affordable.

So, I clicked.  I bought.  I paid.

And now, I have one more card from this unique set in my collection.

And the card is beau-ti-ful!!!

Have a look:


Featuring an ultra-gloss shine and the additional Sapphire coloring that the McCutchen and Griffey card offered, this one is exceptional.

I love the young image of Aaron on this card – and the updated look does not take too much away from the vintage feel of the card’s original design.

Another great addition to my Hank Aaron player collection.

2 responses to “Hank Aaron 2013 Bowman Rookie Reprint – Sapphire!

  1. I just got one too! Mine was 50 cents shipped. How’d I do?

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