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1989 Topps Rack Pack With Andre Dawson Glossy All-Star On Top!!!

1989 Topps Rack Pack With Andre Dawson Glossy All-Star On Top!!!

Let me start by apologizing for the rough scan.  We picked up a new scanner during the holidays and it does not have some of the cropping capabilities that my older Kodak one had.

But, I will push past that and celebrate another unopened pack of baseball cards from the 1980’s that features my main-man Andre Dawson on display.

Have a look:


This is a rack pack from 1989.  And it features Dawson’s Glossy Rack Pack exclusive All-Star card displayed prominently in window #1.

It is a nice addition to my collection of packs that feature Andre Dawson as the centerpiece.  And with a 1989 Topps cello pack and a 1989 Topps rack pack that both feature Dawson’s base card as the main attraction, this one from the same set is another great piece for my collection.


2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – John Smoltz

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – John Smoltz

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of John Smoltz from the set:



In his 21 season major league career, John Smoltz made it to the postseason 14 times – 13 times with Atlanta and 1 time with St.Louis.

Smoltz has a career postseason record of 15-4 with 4 saves with 209 innings pitched.  He compiled an ERA of just 2.67 while striking out 199 batters while walking just 67.

In 1992, Smoltz won the 1992 NLCS due to his 2-win performance versus the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jose Fernandez 2013 Bowman Chrome ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jose Fernandez 2013 Bowman Chrome ROOKIE CARD!!!

Thankfully, I was able to grab this card by displaying patience.

Yes, I could have landed it when it launched, but the hobby was pretty abuzz with Fernandez at that time and I did not want to make the monetary investment needed to secure myself one.

Fast forward to now and my patience has paid off.  I secured this card for just $0.99 – not bad for a Bowman Chrome rookie card of the reigning NL ROY!

Have a look:



I cannot wait to see how many cards of Fernandez are produced in 2014.  I am betting that it will be a lot.  I hope I can keep up!

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

Joe Morgan 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

By landing this card, I believe that I have finally secured the final card from the ‘Chasing History’ set issued by Topps in 2013.

The journey to stay current with this set has been a long and tough one.  With 150 total cards, and lots of repeat appearances by many players, the set has added quite a few cards to many of my vintage player collections.

Here is the card of Joe Morgan from the 2013 Topps Update set:



I like it.  The image used is perfect (though showing Morgan’s elbow in the ‘up’ position would be neat too).  And I like the inclusion of the older Reds logo.

A very fine addition to my Joe Morgan player collection!

Did You Know…

Brothers Roberto Alomar and Sandy Alomar, Jr. were teammates with three different major league clubs: the Padres, Indians, and White Sox.


30-Year Old Cardboard Is Going Back to 1975! Who’s With Me??

30-Year Old Cardboard Is Going Back to 1975!  Who’s With Me??

That’s right.  You may recall that as part of my 2014 Collecting Goals I was going to begin the process of building the complete 660-card 1975 Topps baseball card set from scratch.

Well, I am now ready to jump in and being that process.

Before starting, there were a few things to decide upon.  So, after doing some homework, I have decided that I will only be going after the base set – no minis.  And I am only going after non-graded cards.  Do I want cards that are in EX or MRNT condition?  Of course I do.  But I am not willing to pay what it would cost to build this set this way by having graded cards included in the set.  Instead, I will use my keen eye and let me heart take me through the process of set building – one piece of cardboard at a time.

And I cannot wait to get going!

I am ready to go back to 1975 – when the Cincinnati Reds were the dominant team and when Carlton Fisk created a World Series moment that became baseball history.

I am ready to go back to 1975 – when the movie Jaws was keeping people out of the water.

I am ready to go back to 1975 – when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier gave us ‘The Thrilla In Manila’.

I am ready to go back to 1975 – when The Eagles, Elton John, and The Bee Gees were on top of the music charts.

I am ready to go back to 1975 – when George Jefferson was ‘Movin On Up’.

I am ready to go back to 1975 – The year of my birth!

Who’s with me?