Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Jeff Bagwell’s Vote Tally From His Fourth Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Jeff Bagwell’s Vote Tally From His Fourth Ballot

When Jeff Bagwell’s name hit the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot, it was the fourth time he had been up for election.

And while I thought that ‘Bags’ would secure enough votes to eclipse the 75% needed for election, I was very curious to see how his vote count would change with so many big-time names on the ballot.

The result?  As I thought, a dip in vote percentage.

Here is a look at how Bagwell’s vote count has looked since his first ballot:

Votes Vote %
2011 242 41.7
2012 321 56.0
2013 339 59.6
2014 310 54.3

As you can see, a slight dip in votes came when bigger names were added to the ballot.

So, what happens in 2015 and the future?

I think that we will see another big bump for Bagwell, but it might not come for a few more years.  I would think that after Piazza and Griffey and Pudge Rodriguez and maybe even Chipper Jones gets in is when we will finally see Bagwell tagged as ‘the best offensive player on the ballot’.  And when that happens, I think is when Bagwell will get the votes that he deserves.

Do I think he is a Hall of Famer?  Yes, without a doubt – he has the numbers.  But, he is also going to be up against players that were constant MVP threats, and better all-around players.  Bagwell will get into the Hall of Fame, but more than likely not until a few more ‘elite’ guys do first.

What do you think?  What will it take for Jeff Bagwell’s vote tally to climb and earn him a trip to Cooperstown?

Let me hear it.

Jeff Bagwell

5 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Jeff Bagwell’s Vote Tally From His Fourth Ballot

  1. If he gets in it’ll take awhile. Maybe not as long as Jim Rice, but pretty close to that.

  2. It seems fans forget that Ivan Rodriguez was named by Canseco, who has yet to be proven wrong in regards to PED abusers. If Bonds and Clemens can’t get 50% (and I don’t think they should), no way Pudge will get in (and I don’t think he should) if the BBWAA remembers.

    Bagwell is a different story. He was never linked to PEDs by any reputable source. Suspicions have kept him out thus far, but his support is greater than the known abusers. I believe his support will go up eventually, and it may take him 12-13 years to get in, but I think he belongs.

  3. I think he is a hall of famer due to the fact that he has a wOBA of .424 and the average first baseman has a .404 wOBA and if you need to to look at the stats email mitchel.r.mcalughlin@gmail.com

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