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Jose Fernandez 2013 Topps Update All-Star Card – Red Border

Jose Fernandez 2013 Topps Update All-Star Card – Red Border

As I begin to make moves so I can shift more attention to the newly released 2014 Topps Series 1 set of cards, I am still pecking away at a few issues from the 2013 collecting year.

And with that, hopefully a few more Jose Fernandez cards come my way – like this Red bordered card from the 2013 Topps Update set.

Jose fernandez red

This is Fernandez’s All-Star card from the set.  And while the Red is not the best color for an alternate border, it is not the worst either.  Id’ put it somewhere between the Gold and Emerald.

Another one off the list!  HOORAY!!

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – David Wright

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – David Wright

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of David Wright from the set:



At the conclusion of the 2013 baseball season, David Wright completed his tenth year in the big leagues.  And during that time, Wright has played in the postseason just one time – 2006.

In 2006, Wright and his New York Mets teammates made it to the NLCS after defeating the Dodgers in the NLDS.

In 10 career postseason games, David Wright has compiled a .216 batting average with 8 hits, including 3 doubles and a home run.  He has scored 3 runs while driving in six.  And he has struck out 8 times while amassing an on-base percentage of just .310.

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Mike Schmidt

2013 Topps Archives ‘Tallboys’ Subset – Mike Schmidt

With the new 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set release, the ‘Mini Tallboys’ subset is easily one of the best parts of the issue.

The cards from this subset offer a very basic, but throwback feel that screams vintage. The set is 40 cards deep and offers a nice mixture of current players, stars from the 1980′s, and Hall of Fame legends.

This is the card of Mike Schmidt from the set:



Mike Schmidt’s credentials are as impressive as any player to play the game in the last 50 years.  If you were to look up the definition of a ‘power hitter’ and ‘defensive specialist’ you could very easily see a reference to Mike Schmidt in both sections.

Schmidt played for 18 seasons with the Philadelphia Philles and was and still is the face of the franchise for many baseball fans.  His raw power at the plate drew fans to the ballpark as he put on incredible displays of power while launching ball after ball into the outfield stands.  With 548 career home runs, Schmidt blasted 30 or more home runs in 12 of his 18 seasons in the majors.  And with 1,595 RBI, he certainly took advantage of have players on base when he was at bat.  Schmidt has a career batting average of .267 and hit .300 or better just 1-time.  But his job was to produce runs and that is exactly what he did – and at an unbelievable rate too.

And then there is the defense…  Schmidt was a 10-time Gold Glove winner at 3rd base.  His range, cannon of an arm, and desire to scoop up every ball hit in his direction made Schmidt the most dominant 3rd baseman during the 1980’s.

Elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, Schmidt was a 12-time All-star.  Schmidt may also be the most highly decorated player from the 1980’s as he won 3 MVP award – in 1980, 1981, and 1986.

Mike Schmidt competed in 2 World Series match-ups – 1 in 1980 and 1 in 1983.  His Phillies team in 1980 won the title in 6 games but lost in 7 games in 1983 to the Baltimore Orioles.  During their drive to the title in 1980, Schmidt amazed the baseball world while hitting .381 with 2 home runs and driving in 7.  These impressive stats led to him being votes the World Series MVP of the 1980 Fall Classic.  Unfortunately in 1983 he could not duplicate his success as he accounted for just 1 hit in 20 at-bats and hit a poor .050.

Dustin Pedroia 2013 Topps Tribute – A Nice High-End Addition To My Collection…

Dustin Pedroia 2013 Topps Tribute

Of the ‘High-End’ cards that Topps issues on an annual basis, I don’t go after too many of them.  Typically, I stick with Tribute and Triple Threads as the non-relic and non-auto cards can be had if shopped wisely.

After finally taking the leap and naming Dustin Pedroia as a ‘PC-Guy’ at 30-YOC, I thought it was time to extend beyond the kinds of cards I was picking up of him.

And then I saw this card from the 2013 Topps Tribute set and I knew I had made the right decision at the right time.

Have a look:



The card is sweet, and I really like the camera’s angle as it focused on Pedroia.

The added Fenway Park background offers a very nice backdrop too…


Did You Know…

At the conclusion of the 1980 major league regular season, eight different players stole 60 or more bases – the most in the 20th century.

Rickey Henderson – 100
Ron LeFlore – 97
Omar Moreno – 96
Willie Wilson – 79
Dave Collins – 79
Rodney Scott – 63
Gene Richards – 61
Miguel Dilone – 61

Stolen Base

Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Chrome Silver Retail Exclusive

Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Chrome Silver Retail Exclusive

I told you that I was going to try to grab some more 2011 Bryce Harper cards before the season started, and I did just that!

This card comes from the 2011 Bowman Chrome set.  The card was released as a retail-only insert and it has a few colored parallel versions (I already have the Red).

Have a look:



It’s nice to be able to add this card to my Harper collection.  And with the Red version already in my possession, I am not focused on trying to grab the Gold version of the card so I can complete the trio.

And hopefully I am able to grab another early issue Harper or two before Opening Day.

Stay tuned!