Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Garagiola!!!

Joe Garagiola turns 88 years old today.

A 9-year major league veteran, Joe Garagiola a pretty lasting legacy in the sport of baseball after having a career that would be considered as par or under-whelming.

Garagiola was a highly-touted teenager when he began to get scouted by major league teams.  A catcher, he made it to the big leagues at the young age of twenty.

In total, Garagiola played just nine season, but he did so for some storied franchises: the Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs, and Giants.

As a player, Garagiola amassed 481 career hits en route to a .257 batting average.  He hit 82 doubles and 42 home runs during that stretch.  Defensively, he was solid, and had a pretty good knack of throwing out potential base stealers; he caught 36% of the guys that tried to run on him.

Garagiola was a member of the Cardinals World Series winning team in 1946.  In 5 games, he hit .316 with 6 hits, 4 RBI, and 2 runs scored.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garagiola!!!

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