Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Greg Maddux Rookie Card?

Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Greg Maddux Rookie Card?

After the announcement of Greg Maddux’s election to the Baseball Hall Of Fame, I saw a pretty decent spike in the number of Greg Maddux related new listings on Ebay.  Surely, this was a move by the non-Maddux collector to take advantage and strike while Maddux’s name was once again highly relevant in the hobby.

This also made me smile as my Greg Maddux player collection was completed a few years ago and I would not have to sift through any price-gouging tactics in order to capture cards for my collection.

As you would expect, Maddux cards began to sell again at a pretty good pace. And the prices went from fair to overpriced to outrageous.

This got me to thinking ‘What Is The Ultimate Greg Maddux Rookie Card’?

So, that is tonight’s Million Dollar Question.

While there are not a ton of choices, there is a decent lot to choose from.

Here they are:

1987 Topps Traded

maddux 1987 topp

1987 Fleer Updated

maddux 1987 fleer update

1987 Donruss Rated Rookie

maddux 1987 rated rookie

1987 Donruss ‘The Rookies’

maddux 1987 the rookies

Not a bad crop of cards.  And I am happy to say that I own a copy of each in my collection.

But, which one is the ‘Ultimate One’?

Hmmm….  Decisions, decisions….

Amazingly, none of these Maddux cards made it to my ‘Fab 5’ when I completed my player collection a few years back.  The reason is simple – I don’t have too many memories of the shaggy haired pitcher with the weak mustache.  Instead, I recall the professor-esque looking guy with the business man’s haircut and slightly chubby face.

Back to the cards…  My favorite card among the four options is the Fleer Update card.  The colors from the 1987 Fleer design are very complementary to those of the Chicago Cubs.  And with the backdrop of a blurred Wrigley Field being present, the Maddux image has a nice 3-D effect happening.

So, my choice is the 1987 Fleer Update card!

maddux 1987 fleer update

And now it is your turn – What Is The Ultimate Greg Maddux Rookie Card?

19 responses to “Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Greg Maddux Rookie Card?

  1. I’d pick 1987 Fleer Update because it seems hard to find one where the back of the card isn’t all screwed up on the top or bottom of the card. It’d be amazing to find one in really good condition that didn’t cost an arm & a leg.

  2. I like both the fleer and Topps cards . I don’t go after rookie cards of older cards anymore , gets too expensive . Now I am putting together the last Topps card of members of the hall of fame . I am a stat guy and these cards show us thier lifetime numbers . Maddux last card (Topps 2009) shows him with the dodgers but he will always be a Brave to me.

  3. I admit it — I actually like the 1987 Donruss, if only for the creepy mustache that he’s sporting on it in a vain attempt to appear older than 22.

  4. I pick the 1987 Donruss because I have one autographed. I should have gotten the others signed as well, but was too hesitant to lose them in the mail. Of course, I had no idea he would be a Hall of Famer when I got it signed.

  5. i’d say the fleer update as well, especially if you can find the glossy version… and sadly, only one of those i own is the 87 donruss RR, and im a cubs fan… though i do have a Leaf one as well… I still have a long way to go on my Cubs collecting….

  6. ’87 Donruss, mostly because I didn’t see this card until a few years down the road when Maddux blossomed into the pitcher we knew him to be. It did and still does make me laugh when I see this one because I never saw him on TV with a mustache. It was almost if the card companies caught him that year during his initial mustache trial run. I don’t believe he’s ever grown it since.

  7. I’d go with the 87 Donruss… but I also really like the 87 Leaf too. It’s the one rookie card I’m still actively chasing for my Maddux PC.

  8. Fun fact – the ’87 Donruss Rated Rookie card has a blooper on the back. Greg’s middle name is “Alan”, not “Allen.”

    I personally prefer the Fleer card, because it’s more in-line with the Maddux that we saw until about 1990. He was painfully thin until that time.

  9. Actually, I’d go with the ’87 Canon or the ’87 Venezuelan (#223) when he played winter ball with the Zulia Eagles. While I believe the Canon is far rarer (only 15 or 16 have been graded by all grading companies), the Venezuelan is extremely condition sensitive (highest grade is PSA5) as these were usually glued to booklets.

    If I had to pick between his mainstream cards, just on aesthetics, I would have to pick his Donruss “The Rookies” card. Nice portrait shot and I loved the green border. Maddux is a great player to collect and it’s nice to see an article on his cards.

  10. I would have to choose one that no one talks about. I love the 1987 Topps Tiffany the best. Its alot more rarer. Premium card stock back in those days were unheard of.

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