Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Frank Thomas Rookie Card?

Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Frank Thomas Rookie Card?

As one would expect, after the announcement of Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux’s Hall Of Fame election, there was a solid spike in the number of new listings featuring these players on Ebay.  Surely, this was a move by the non-collector to take advantage and strike while Maddux’s, Thomas’, and Glavine’s names were once again highly relevant in the hobby.

As you would expect, cards, autographs, and memorabilia of these three guys began to sell again at a pretty good pace. And the prices went from fair to overpriced to outrageous.

Just like with last week’s Greg Maddux question, this got me to thinking ‘What Is The Ultimate Frank Thomas Rookie Card’?

So, that is tonight’s Million Dollar Question.

While there are not a ton of choices, there is a small handful to choose from.

Here they are:

1990 Topps:

Frank Thomas 1990 Topps

1990 Fleer:

Frank Thomas 1990 Fleer

1990 Bowman:

Frank Thomas 1990 Bowman

1990 Leaf:

Frank Thomas 1990 Leaf

1990 Score:

Frank Thomas 1990 Score

That’s a pretty solid crop of rookie baseball cards.

But, which one is the ‘Ultimate One’?

Hmmm….  Decisions, decisions….

I like the Topps card because it takes me back to 1990 when I was living in Chicago and I first saw Frank Thomas play.  This card was hot back then – and highly sought after by kids in the Chicago-area.  I also really like the action that the Leaf card brings.  And the Score card is very nice as well – how is such a big guy framed perfectly in this image?

My pick is the Topps card – it transports me right back to 1990.  And that is what this hobby is all about for me.  Frank Thomas was a potential star back then, and I am happy to be able to say that I watched a lot of his games when he first broke into the majors.  This Topps card features him in his old Auburn college uniform, and I have strong memories of pulling cards from the 1989 and 1990 Topps set that showed the game’s high draft picks in their college gear.

It is 1990 Topps for me!!!

Frank Thomas 1990 Topps

And now it is your turn – What Is The Ultimate Frank Thomas Rookie Card?






14 responses to “Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Frank Thomas Rookie Card?

  1. I have the Topps autographed, but my favorite is probably the Score card from the base set (Draft Pick). You have the “Traded” card pictured above.

  2. I’m a big Thomas guy. Personally, I am partial the 1990 Leaf, that was always the coolest one in my mind. Of course the no name on front (but i’ve never actually seen that one in person) I vote for Leaf

  3. 1990 Topps just for the Auburn uniform. The legend of the NNOF variant is pretty cool, too.

  4. The 1990 Leaf is easily the coolest of his RC’s. You were the envy of the neighborhood if you could actually pull that card from a pack!

  5. Yeah, 1990 Leaf is gorgeous. I bought the complete set a few months ago.. mainly just to get the Frank Thomas RC.

  6. 90s Leaf unless it is the NNOF Topps. I have 2 or 3 of the Topps one, but with names 😦 , zero in Leaf.

  7. When I was 14 years old, I pulled a Thomas RC from a pack of Topps.
    Last year I pulled out an autographed Stephen Strasburg, and I wasn’t nearly excited as, I was back in 1990. Call me crazy, but this Frank Thomas card brings back awesome memories for me.

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