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Roberto Clemente 1997 Topps Gold ‘A Tribute To Roberto Clemente’ Card #RC5

Roberto Clemente 1997 Topps Gold ‘A Tribute To Roberto Clemente’ Card #RC5

You may recall that at the baseball card show that I attended in January I scored four of five cards from a special Roberto Clemente tribute set issued by Topps.

You can re-read that post here.

At the time of that purchase,I had no idea of the size of the full set I just happened to have found the four cards together in a bargain bin and really liked the look of the cards and the Golden accents from the design.

Well, I paid just $1.00 for those four cards and I was off to the start of a very affordable commemorative set that honors Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente.

And now, I have secured card #5, the last one of the set.

Have a look:


I bought this one from a seller on Sportlots when I was doing some PC shopping.  And while I paid the same amount for this one that I paid for the other four combined, I am happy to bring it home.

The card shows a great action shot of Clemente getting ready to fire a ball into the infield.  And the backdrop of the Puerto Rico flag is a very solid, yet subtle, addition to the card.


Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Topps Lineage ‘Stand-Ups’

Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Topps Lineage ‘Stand-Ups’

Of all of the modern sets that did not make it, Topps’ 2011 Lineage set was by far my favorite.

The design of the base cards was nice.  And the subsets offered within the set were also very nice while keeping to the theme of ‘Lineage’.

Of the subsets, one tagged as ‘Stand-Ups’ mimicked the old-school theme of baseball cards that could be opened up and turned into stands that could stand on your desk, table, etc.  The player’s imaged popped-up and had a pretty cool 3-D effect.

These are pretty neat.  Here is the one that features Giancarlo Stanton.



I have the full Marlins base team set from the 2011 Lineage release, but this is my first card from the set for my Stanton collection.

I think it would be a nice challenge to tackle, so get ready for me to start taking that one on!!

Joe Morgan 2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams – Memorable Moments – 1975

Joe Morgan 2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams – Memorable Moments – 1975

I’m not too sure about this one…


Just way too washed out for my liking.  And not a single splash of color.

Sorry Mr. Morgan, I know it is not your fault, but – NEXT!!!

1975 Topps Set Card 22/660 – #613 – Bill Parsons, A’s

1975 Topps Set Card 22/660 – #613 – Bill Parsons, A’s

Progress: 22/660

Player Name:  Bill Parsons

Card Number: 613

Team:  Oakland Athletics

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style: Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  4 years, 1971-74

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Bill Parsons did not play during the 1975 baseball season

Notes From Career:  A 4-year player, Parsons appeared in 93 games for the A’s – 72 of which were starts.  He has a career record  of 29-36 with 22 complete games and 6 shutouts.  Parsons finished as a runner-up for the Rookie Of The Year Award in 1971 and he finished both the 1971 and 1972 baseball season with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage.


Happy Birthday Livan Hernandez!!!

Happy Birthday Livan Hernandez!!!

Livan Hernandez turns 39 years old today!!!

Livan was the primary reason that the Florida Marlins won the World Series title in 1997.  If it wasn’t for his amazing pitching in the NLCS and World Series who knows if the Marlins would have been able to prevail.  I can still remember Livan screaming ‘I Love You Miami’ as he put the team on his back on the way to the title.

He had a very solid major league career, and he certainly left his mark on the sport and the Marlins franchise.

In 17 big league seasons, Livan compiled a 178-177 record in 474 starts.  He has a career ERA of 4.44 with 1,976 strikeouts and 1,066 walks.  Livan is a 2-time All-Star, a Silver Slugger Award winner, and a runner-up for the Rookie Of The Year Award.

Happy Birthday to the 1997 World Series MVP!!!


‘Wednesday’s Word Association’ – When I Hear The Name “Craig Kimbrel”, I Think Of…

‘Wednesday’s Word Association’ – When I Hear The Name “Craig Kimbrel”, I Think Of…

From dictionary.com:

Word Association, Noun.  

Definition – the connection and production of other words in response to a given word, done spontaneously as a game, creative technique, or in a psychiatric evaluation.

Ex: Dog –> Bark

‘Wednesday’s Word Association’ – When I Hear The Name “Craig Kimbrel”, I Think…


Craig Kimbrel

With the recent retirement of Mariano Rivera coupled with the contract extension that Kimbrel just signed with the Atlanta Braves, I got me to thinking about how Kimbrel’s name can be associated with the term ‘best in the game’ at his position now that Rivera is gone.

In four seasons, the numbers are unreal – 139 saves, 1.39 ERA, 15-7 record, .902 WHIP, 381 strikeouts, 82 walks, 4.65 K:walk ratio, 15.1 K:9 innings.

ELITE, indeed.

Enough said.

And now, When You Hear The Name “Craig Kimbrel”, You Think Of…