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Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Team Set – Base

Miami Marlins 2014 Topps Team Set – Base

I have to say that I am very happy and impressed with the number of Marlins players included in the 2014 Topps Series 1 release.

And while I did not pull as many cards of them from the blasters that I ripped open, I am happy to have been able to put this team set together as quickly as I have.

The base set consists of 7 player cards, 1 Highlight card, and 1 League Leader card.

The selected players for the 7 base cards is a solid mix of pitchers and position players.  And the images selected are pretty nice and action-packed!  My lone complaint about the team set is that it includes Justin Ruggiano.  While I like him as a player, and I will cheer for him while playing in Chicago, I think Topps had enough time since his trade on December 12 to select another Marlin to take his spot on the checklist.

You can’t win them all and overall, I am very excited with how the set looks and how quickly I was able to piece it together.

Here is a look at the full set:



And now, with the base set out of the way, it is time for me to focus on some of the colored parallel versions of the Marlins cards.

Hopefully, I can add a few more to my Marlins team set collection.  Wish me luck!

2014 Topps NL ERA League Leaders Card w/Fernandez, Kershaw, and Harvey

2014 Topps NL ERA League Leaders Card w/Fernandez, Kershaw, and Harvey

While he did not get a base card in the newly released 2014 Topps Series 1 set, Jose Fernandez is still featured a few times.

This card is from the 330-card set and it is a ‘League Leaders’ card which celebrates the leaders in major statistical categories from the prior season.

Fernandez had a 2.189 ERA in 2013 finishing in second place behind the NL CY Young winner Clayton Kershaw and his 1.831 ERA.  2013 was the third season in a row in which Kershaw led the league in ERA.  The Mets’ Matt Harvey finished the year with a 2.271 ERA, good for third place.


Dustin Pedroia 2011 Topps Heritage

Dustin Pedroia 2011 Topps Heritage

With the way that the game is played today and the way that players are treated by their teams and the public, not too many could fit into the game as it was played in the 1960’s.

But, I think that Dustin Pedroia could.

Pedroia has ‘It’.  And by ‘It’ I mean that he has the desire to put it all on the line with the goal of winning as the top priority.  He does not mind getting dirty.  He will take the extra base every opportunity that he gets.  And he plays defense throughout the game as if it was the final play that would determine the winner and the loser of the contest.

That is probably my favorite thing about Topps’ Heritage brand – it allows me to mentally inject today’s players into another era and examine if they would have been as big of a star way back then.

This is Pedroia’s card from the 2011 Heritage set:



And yes, I firmly believe that he would have been as big of a star back then as he is now.

1975 Topps Set Card 23/660 – #652 – Lindy McDaniel, Royals

1975 Topps Set Card 23/660 – #652 – Lindy McDaniel, Royals

Progress: 23/660

Player Name:  Lindy McDaniel

Card Number: 652

Team:  Kansas City Royals

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style: Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  21 years, 1955-75

Notes From His 1975 Season:  The 1975 baseball season was McDaniel’s final season in the major leagues.  He appeared in 40 games for the Royals amassing a record of 5-1 with a save.  He had an ERA of 4.15 in 78 innings of work while striking out 40 batters and walking 24.

Notes From Career:  McDaniel appeared in 987 major league games, starting just 74.  He had a win-loss record of 141-119 with 18 complete games and 2 shutouts to his credit.  He has 172 career saves and he led the league in saves at the conclusion of three different seasons.  McDaniel was an All-Star in 1960 and he finished in 3rd place for the Cy Young Award.  In 2,139 innings of work, he has a WHIP of 1.272 and a strikeouts per 9 innings ratio of 5.7 per 9 innings.


Happy Birthday Alan Trammell!!!

Happy Birthday Alan Trammell!!!

Alan Trammell turns 55 years old today.

A very accomplished and undervalued player during his career and afterwards, there is not much that Alan Trammell did not accomplish during his playing days as a member of the Detroit Tigers.

A solid defender, Trammell was part of one of the most successful and longest running double-play tandems with Lou Whitaker.  He won 4 Gold Glove awards due to his performance at shortstop.

And way before shortstop became an offensive player’s position, Trammell put up some nice numbers.  His career batting average of .285 is coupled with 2,365 hits, 1,231 runs scored, 185 homers, and 236 stolen bases.

Trammell is a 6-time All-star, 3-time Silver Slugger winner, and was the MVP of the 1984 World Series.

Happy Birthday Mr. Trammell!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Tim Raines’ Vote Tally From His 7th Ballot

Hall Of Fame Debate: Assessing Tim Raines’ Vote Tally From His 7th Ballot

When the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame voting was announced, I was pretty eager to see how Tim Raines’ vote went after the shutout from 2013’s voting.

And after achieving 52.2% of the vote in 2013, I was hoping that Raines would creep up to 60% with the vote from 2014.

But, the opposite happened – he dropped.  From 297 votes to 263.  For Tim Raines, and his fans, this is not a good sign.

Raines is one of the most accomplished offensive players left on the Hall of Fame ballot, but he has some serious competition from his peers.  Guys like Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, and Jeff Bagwell are all taking votes from him.  And as long as players like Edgar Martinez and Alan Trammell remain on the ballot, they too will take votes from Raines.

Will his vote tallies over the next 7-8 years increase enough for him to gain the needed 75% for enshrinement?  Sadly, it is not looking good.

Raines has never seen a ‘big bump’ in votes on any of his ballots.  And between the solid competition for votes that he is currently facing, and with some of the names on the horizon that will surely grab votes and attention, Raines may be instantly thrown into a Dale Murphy or Jack Morris position – highly respected, but not elected.

Tim Raines

What do you think?  Will a big bump in votes head his way in the coming years or are there too many qualified players on the ballot for him to truly make a move toward 75%?

What are your thoughts?