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Bryce Harper 2013 Pinnacle ‘Team 2020’

Bryce Harper 2013 Pinnacle ‘Team 2020’

Kind of a neat one, even if there is a lot of Red being shown…



I have really not spent too much time examining this Pinnacle release and I think that may be a mistake.  The set and subsets in this 2013 issue offer up a lot of cards of the guys that I collect – and when I say a lot, I am talking 4,5,6 of each player.

And you know what?  The images are pretty sharp too!

On this card of Bryce Harper from the ‘Team 2020’ subset, you hardly realize that there is no Nationals team name or logo present.

And that is a job well done!  Way to go, Pinnacle!!!

Lot Of 2 Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps T-206 Baseball Cards: Base & Mini

Lot Of 2 Reggie Jackson 2002 Topps T-206 Baseball Cards: Base & Mini

Here is a nice 2-card lot for you to enjoy on this wonderful Wednesday afternoon.

The cards come from the 2002 Topps T-206 baseball card set.

And as you can see from the scan below, the cards share the same image, just sized to fit the cardboard.

Have a look:



I really like knocking off lots of cards like these – it is nice to see more than one at a time, and it is a very sweet way to add bulk to your player collection checklists.

And while the 2002 Topps T-206 design is far from my favorite design from the early 2000’s, the set has absolutely grown on me – to the point where I would love to see a re-vamp of the set so I could have cards in the same design theme that feature Stanton, McCutchen, Fernandez, and Harper.

Are you listening Topps??

Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Allen & Ginter – Base Mini

Giancarlo Stanton 2013 Allen & Ginter – Base Mini

I was very surprised to see that I only had two cards of Giancarlo Stanton from last year’s Allen & Ginter set in my collection.

As most modern-era collectors know, the A&G set allows for a lot of growth of the player collection if you’re willing to put in the work.

And I am up for the challenge.  And I kick it off by adding the base mini version of Stanton’s card to my collection.

Just like the regular-sized card, the colors are sharp.  And I especially like how the very modern Marlins logo looks with such an old-style design.  A very nice contrast if you ask me…

Judge for yourself:


1975 Topps Set Card 26/660 – #309 – Stolen Base Leaders 1974

1975 Topps Set Card 26/660 – #309 – Stolen Base Leaders 1974

Progress: 26/660

Player Name:  Bill North, Lou Brock

Card Number: 309

Team:  Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals

Image Style: Posed Portrait

How They Got There:

Lou Brock led all of major league baseball in 1974 with 118 stolen bases.  In the National League, he was trailed by Davey Lopes, Joe Morgan, and Cesar Cedeno.  Each of these National Leaguers had more steals the leader from the American League – Bill North.  North swiped 54 bases for the A’s as he paced the AL.


Did You Know…

The last time that both the AL & NL MVP Awards went to pitchers at the end of the same major league baseball season was 1968.  At the conclusion of the 1968 baseball season, St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Bob Gibson and Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Denny McClain were crowned MVP’s of their respective leagues.


Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Tom Glavine Rookie Card?

Million Dollar Question – What Is The Ultimate Tom Glavine Rookie Card?

Alright gang, we have already discussed the rookie cards of 2014 Hall of Fame members Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas.

Tonight, it is time to round out the group and discuss the rookie cards of the final member of this Hall of Fame class – Mr. Tom Glavine.

Just like with the prior guys, I will show you all of his major-brand rookie baseball cards, and you select the one you like the best.

Sound good?

Great, let’s do this!!!

1988 Topps

glavine 1988 topps

1988 Fleer

glavine 1988 fleer

1988 Donruss

glavine 1988 donruss

1988 Score

glavine 1988 score

Wow, after pulling those images I was taken aback by the lack of action and originality on these four rookie cards – 3 mugshots and a beauty!

At this point it may be a moot point, but we will proceed with the process anyways…

So – What Is The Ultimate Tom Glavine Rookie Card?

Like most (I believe), my vote goes to 1988 Score.  Great action, great colors, and such a huge difference compared to the other three…

glavine 1988 score

And now it is your turn – What Is The Ultimate Tom Glavine Rookie Card?